Example Personal Development Plans (PDPs) 

Personal development plans are changing with the introduction of the new curricula from August 2022 (and for CT1 and ST4 trainees who started on the curricula pilot in February.)

At the start of a placement, trainers and trainees will together discuss the opportunities that each specific placement offers for developing key capabilities. The trainee will draft some activities that they could undertake during the placement, following any areas of special interest or development needs that they may have and then over several supervision sessions they and their trainer will finalise and agree this as a plan, mapping each activity to a key capability / high level outcome. During the placement, the trainee will seek workplace based assessments as evidence of their achievement of the key capabilities and will add this evidence to Portfolio online. 

With all activities mapping to key capabilities, it will be easy for the supervisor to see the trainee's progress.

Each psychiatric specialty is in the process of creating example PDPs to give trainees and trainers some ideas about some activities that could be undertaken. The intention is that over time we will be able to create a library of PDP activities for each of the key capabilities. This webpage will be updated as they are ready to be shared.