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Changes to implementation timescales

In 2020, although successful in submitting our curricula to the GMC, COVID-19 impacted upon the originally planned submission timescales, with the GMC’s focus turning to curricula derogations and digitisation of examinations.

Therefore, our original submission timescale of April 2020 was moved to mid-October 2020, with further information submitted in December 2020.

The changes to our timescales have meant that feedback on our curricula has not yet been received from the GMC. In addition, we have further work planned to develop our training guides, supplementary guidance and resources, including updating Portfolio Online and our workplace based assessments (WPBAs).

With this in mind and wanting to ensure that our curricula are robust and deliverable, as well as wanting to ensure ample time to communicate and provide relevant resources and information to both trainees and trainers regarding transition and curricula changes, we have taken the decision to push implementation of our curricula back to August 2022 (from August 2021).

This additional time will allow us to:

  • finalise our Silver Guide, curricula and training guides, and supplementary guidance
  • develop resources, including information packs, webinars and videos to ensure wide communication prior to delivery
  • update and pilot changes to Portfolio Online 
  • redevelop our training pages on the RCPsych website
  • update and pilot changes to assessments and supervision report.

We understand that there may be a number of queries or concerns in relation to the change to implementation timescales. If you have any queries, you can contact our Curricula Team at

Why are we reviewing our curricula?

We're conducting an extensive revision of all psychiatric training curricula, to be implemented in August 2022.

This will meet the new standards set by the GMC, and make sure the training programme is in line with the principles of the Shape of Training review.

The aim of the new framework is to ensure a clear purpose for each curricula, including High Level Outcomes (HLOs) and Key Capabilities (KCs).

Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework (2022)

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