Curricula Framework 2022

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Our curricula consultation has now closed.

Thank you for your contribution to our curricula consultation. The consultation is now closed.

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All Medical Royal Colleges have been asked to review their specialty curricula to ensure that they meet the required standards, incorporating the GPC Framework.

Our Curricula Framework

Our curricula framework is comprised of 4 key elements:

  • Psychiatry 'Silver Guide' - this outlines all aspects of training in Psychiatry and aligns closely to COPMeD's 'Gold Guide', and outlines the assessment strategy.
  • Core and Specialty Curricula - these outline the High Level Outcomes (HLOs) and Key Capabilities (KCs) that trainees are required to achieve by the end of the set progression point.
  • Placement Specific Personal Development Plans (PDPs) - these link to the HLOs and KCs and are completed at the start of each placement within training, and outline key activities to be undertaken, linking into the Psychiatric Supervision and Educational Supervisor Reports, and the ARCP process.
  • ARCP Decision Aids - These are guides to support ARCP panels, utilising ES and PS reports.

Watch our curricula framework videos

You can view more information about our framework and PDPs by watching the following recordings:

  • "RCPsych Curricula Framework 2022" - Dr John Russell, RCPsych Associate Dean for Curricula
  • "Setting up a Placement Specific Personal Development Plan" - Dr Mary Barrett, Chair, RCPsych Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability SAC, and Dr Ilyas Ali, Higher Trainee in Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability.

Once you have watched the videos, you are welcome to set up a mock PDP for Core Psychiatry using our blank template.