Neuroscience Spring Conference

Where neuroscience meets psychiatry

Watch these highlights compilations to find out what happens and why you should attend our annual flagship event: the RCPsych Neuroscience Spring Conference.

Neuroscience Spring Conference 2020

'Translating neuroscience knowledge to clinical practice’ showed us how advances in research are being applied in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders, degenerative brain diseases, OCD and perinatal psychosis.

Revisit the event through multimedia neuroscience learning on our Neuroscience Resources page.

Neuroscience Spring Conference 2019

Speakers from around the globe explored the role of genetics and epigenetics in the development of psychiatric disorders, and explained the latest thinking on the crucial interplay between fundamental molecular mechanisms and social determinants of mental illness.

Neuroscience Spring Conference 2018

Returning bigger and even better, our Cambridge meeting concentrated on the rapid growth in understanding of the connections between physical and mental health, especially those medicated by inflammation, and what psychiatry needs to do to prepare itself to take advantage of future discoveries in neuroscience.

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Neuroscience Spring Conference 2017

The first RCPsych conference to focus solely on the role of contemporary neuroscience in psychiatry. The inaugural Gatsby/Wellcome Neuroscience Spring Conference brought together global experts in cutting-edge brain research and thought leaders in clinical psychiatric practice, education and training.

Look back at these outstanding presentations from the day.

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