Neuroscience events

There are no events at this time.

We have attended RCPsych Devolved Nations, Faculty and Division conferences, meetings of hospital trusts and the Psychiatric Trainees Committee.

Evidence gathered is informing the Commission’s review of the Core Curriculum.

We are responding to stakeholder feedback with initiatives to facilitate and support the delivery of the neuroscience elements of psychiatric training.

To give a flavour of past events around the UK, below are those we held during June- November 2017.

June29RCPsych International CongressEdinburgh
August29University of Lancaster Medical SchoolLancaster
September14–15RCPsych Faculty of NeuropsychiatryRCPsych, London
20Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester Medical Schools Joint Summer SchoolChorley, Lancashire
21–22RCPsych Medical Education ConferenceBelfast
27Tees, Esk & Wear Trust Development DayMiddlesbrough
October12‘Older minds, new ideas’ Interdisciplinary Conference on DementiaCardiff
20‘Inspiring excellence in neuroscience’ Trainers’ ConferenceRCPsych, London
November9RCPsych Eastern Division Autumn ConferenceCambridge
10RCPsych Faculty of Rehabilitation & Social PsychiatryBournemouth
15University of Newcastle Medical SchoolNewcastle
22RCPsych London DivisionRCPsych, London

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