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Dr Sharon Holland

Dr Sharon Holland

Vice Chair

Dr Sharon Holland is an ST7 in Dual General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry, based in the North East. She received her medical degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2012 and completed her basic psychiatric training in Dublin. She became a member of RCPsych in 2016, receiving the Standish-Barry Prize in the process. Dr Holland then moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2018 for Higher Specialty Training, and this has probably been her best decision to date.

She joined the Psychiatric Training Committee in 2020 as a representative for the Northern and Yorkshire Division and is delighted to be Vice Chair this year. She views the PTC as an endless source of potential and an important doorway for trainees to understand RCPsych and get involved with all it has to offer from an early stage; there is no College without its members.

Dr Holland loves her day job and time spent with patients. She is also passionate about medical education, with a focus on the need for psychiatrists to retain their clinical skills in physical health, the need to consider critical perspectives in our models of understanding, and the importance of remembering the history of psychiatry. Similarly, she cares about the language we use in our practice because of the impact it has on how we view the people who need our help, our role, and our appreciation of our limitations.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching really terrible television, spending time near the sea, and learning new DIY ‘skills’ to varying degrees of success.

Dr Holland would love to hear from any and all psychiatry trainees, foundation doctors or medical students who would like to get in touch; the PTC is here as your megaphone within our wider RCPsych.

She would particularly enjoy hearing what you think we (our Exec/PTC/RCPsych/Psychiatry/society) should be focusing on or thinking about to both help reduce the suffering associated with mental illness and also produce compassionate, considerate psychiatrists.

She is excited to get to work with Rosemary and Oli during the year, and looks forward to seeing what it has in store for us all!

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