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Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient

Peter Tyrer

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Published: Jun 2009

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 112

ISBN: 9781904671749

Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient

Nidotherapy is a new concept in mental health. For years we have laboured under the happy notion that with humanity, determination and a little science, we could correct all the disabilities and handicaps associated with psychiatric disorder. But we have over-reached ourselves. A large number of mental disorders are labelled ‘chronic’, as health professionals have very little impact on their symptoms and course. Nidotherapy is for such people, who often feel they have failed because they have not shared in the heady notion that all can recover. Although we take notice of the environment in mental health, we seldom go about systematically analysing it and changing it to fit the person, so that their well-being and sense of belonging are improved. These processes are the focus of nidotherapy and should give optimism to both practitioners and patients who have been close to abandoning hope.

The book discusses among other things:

  • Who nidotherapy is for
  • How to apply nidotherapy
  • How to perform environmental analysis
  • Who can practise nidotherapy.

With case studies and exercises (with answers), this book is an excellent guide to the emerging treatment of nidotherapy.

Readership: all mental health professionals.


“I predict that not too many years from now nidotherapy will not only be in common use but will be seen as an essential tool in helping those with severe and enduring mental health problems in no lesser way that psychopharmacology is seen as an essential ingredient in current treatment.

I heartily commend this book.”

Dr Peter Carter OBE

Chief Executive and General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing


 Book-signing session for Nidotherapy    Book-signing session for Nidotherapy 

Book-signing session held to launch the book at the Annual Meeting 2009, Liverpool

About the author: Peter Tyrer is Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry, Professor of Community Psychiatry, Imperial College London, and a pioneer of nidotherapy. He has developed the treatment over many years of psychiatric practice and is the leading authority in the field.

Quote from the author:
"If you have ever felt that a person with mental disorder is untreatable then read this book before you give in."


1. General introduction and principles

2. Assessing the patient for nidotherapy

3. Environmental analysis

4. Reaching an agreement for environmental targets

5. Constructing and monitoring a nidopathway

6. Supervision and training for nidotherapy

7. What are the qualities of a good nidotherapist?

8. The place of nidotherapy in mental health services

9. The essentials of nidotherapy in four stages

10. Questions and answers

Appendix: Answers to exercises  


"This brilliant book tells a new story about psychiatry ... I wonder whether nidotherapy should be restricted to psychiatry - or whether, it would enrich other medical disciplines."

The Lancet


"The book is clearly written, well-structured and gives a good account of what the aspiring nidotherapist might actually do. ...I will be giving my copy to the newly appointed manager of a local service devoted to improving the ‘community opportunities’ of people currently stuck within our service."

British Journal of Psychiatry

"Nidotherapy is based on overt trust and is perhaps the ultimate personalized medicine, because its primary therapeutic strategy is the full appreciation of the patient as a unique person in his or her own environment."

American Journal of Psychiatry

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