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Clinical Topics in Cultural Psychiatry

Edited by Rahul Bhattacharya, Sean Cross and Dinesh Bhugra

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Published: May 2010

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 454

ISBN: 9781904671824

Clinical Topics in Cultural Psychiatry

Cultural factors play a very important role in the way psychiatric symptoms are presented to clinicians and how clinicians deal with them. This book offers practical advice on the topic for the individual mental health practitioner. It provides an overview of cultural factors in the causation and management of mental health problems and an introduction to cultural competency training for healthcare professionals (now required for all National Health Service staff by the Department of Health). Topics include:

  • Cross-cultural psychiatric assessment.
  • Intellectual disability and ethnicity.
  • Cultural aspects of eating disorder.
  • Black and minority ethnic issues in forensic psychiatry.
  • Treatment of victims of trauma.
  • Ethnic and cultural factors in psychopharmacology.

Practising clinicians and other mental health professionals will find this introduction extremely useful in ensuring that clinical teams work together effectively and provide optimal care for their patients, irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion.

Previous versions of 23 of the chapters have been published in the College’s journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. These have now been extensively updated, plus six chapters have been newly commissioned for this book.


Of particular relevance for new psychiatric trainees, plus also of interest to other disciplines such as nurses, psychologists or occupational therapists.

About the editors:

Rahul Bhattacharya - Psychiatrist at Mile End Hospital, London.

Sean Cross - Registrar in Liaison Psychiatry at St Thomas' Hospital, London.

Dinesh Bhugra - (Head of the Section of Cultural Diversity at the Institute of Psychiatry, London and President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2008-2011).

"Overall, this book stands out for its broad scope; sophisticated approach to the topic of culture. ...I expect that this book will be of great value and interest to mental health practitioners across levels of experience and expertise, especially to those working among culturally diverse populations."

- American Journal of Psychiatry

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"This well written, multi-authored book delivers everything that its title promises, and much more! ...Having a culturally competent workforce must remain the top priority of all trusts’ chief executives. ...This book is highly recommended to all professionals working with refugees, asylum seekers and people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds. It will also be of considerable value to anyone interested in how to incorporate cultural psychiatry issues into clinical practice."

- British Journal of Psychiatry


  Part 1: Theoretical and General Issues
1 Globalisation, psychiatry and human rights: new challenges for the 21st century
2 Migration and mental illness
3 Mental Health of refugees and asylum seekers
4 Racism, racial life events and mental ill health
5 Expressed emotion across cultures
6 Mental illness in Black and Asian ethnic minorities
7 Poverty, social inequality and mental health 
  Part 2: Specific Mental Health Conditions Across Cultures
8 Schizophrenia in African–Caribbeans: contributing factors
9 Depression in immigrants and ethnic minorities
10 Attempted suicide among South Asian women
11 Mental health of the ageing immigrant population
12 Intellectual disability and ethnicity: achieving cultural competence
13 Culture and liaison psychiatry
14 Addiction in ethnic minorities
15 Sex and culture
16 Culture in child and adolescent psychiatry
17 Black and minority ethnic issues in forensic psychiatry
18 Cultural perspectives on eating disorders
  Part 3: Management Issues in the Cultural Context
19 Cross-cultural psychiatric assessment
20 Clinical management of patients across cultures
21 Ethnic and cultural factors in psychopharmacology
22 Communication with patients from other cultures: the place of explanatory models
23 Working with patients with religious beliefs 
24 Interpreter-mediated psychiatric interviews
25 Treatment of victims of trauma 
26 Effective psychotherapy in an ethnically and culturally diverse society 
27 Diversity training for psychiatrists 
28 Informing progress towards race equality in mental healthcare: is routine data collection adequate?
29 Towards social inclusion in mental health? 


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