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Elements of Culture and Mental Health: Critical Questions for Clinicians

Edited by Kamaldeep Bhui

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Published: Jan 2013

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 104

ISBN: 9781908020499

Elements of Culture and Mental Health: Critical Questions for Clinicians

It is not enough for mental health professionals to make best use of the evidence base; they must also ensure that interventions are culturally appropriate, acceptable and ethical. This is a very complex task – to work with culturally diverse populations who may not expect the same sort of treatments or interventions or even assessment processes as the cultural majority. How can professionals work confidently with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, engage with the emotional and professional demands, and be more creative about how to improve the quality of care and the take up of care?

This short volume, developed by service users, practitioners, teachers and researchers, aims to address this issue. Each chapter is a concise, thought-provoking, engaging and creative essay about a clinical scenario that is central to improving the quality of care to culturally diverse populations. The scenarios are common, and the essays set out beautifully some of the obstacles to improving care, dilemmas facing the clinician, and how they might be overcome.

  • Covers common scenarios, faced by every clinician
  • Includes working with survivors of conflict; working with interpreters
  • Chapters are concise, but further reading is signposted

Readership: All psychiatrists, especially those with an interest in the affect of culture on mental health.

About the editor: Kamaldeep Bhui is Professor of Psychiatry at Barts & The London School of Medicine, Queen Mary, University of London.


  Foreword - Desire and commitment: essential ingredients to learn about cultural and mental illness Kamaldeep Bhui
1. Is trauma-focused therapy helpful for survivors of war and conflict?  Rachel Tribe
2. Will ethnopsychopharmacology lead to changes in clinical practice? Faisil Sethi
3. Does cognitive-behavioural therapy work in people with very different cultural orientations and backgrounds? Shanaya Rathod, Farooq Naeem and David Kingdom
4. Can you do meaningful cognitive–behavioural therapy with an interpreter? Shanaya Rathod and Farooq Naeem
5. Are specific psychotherapeutic orientations indicated with specific ethnic minority groups? Adil Qureshi
6. Can psychotherapeutic interventions overcome epistemic difference? Francisco José Eiroá-Orosa
7. The role of culture and difference in evaluation, assessment, and diagnosis Adil Qureshi
8. Necessary and sufficient competencies for intercultural work Hilda-Wara Revollo
9. The validity of existing Eurocentric diagnostic categories Hilda-Wara Revollo & Jorge Atala-Delgado
10. What are the limitations and benefits of the cultural formulation in intercultural work? Francisco Collazos, Marcos González and Adil Qureshi
11. Barriers to the intercultural and interracial therapeutic relationship and how to overcome them Adil Qureshi and Rachel Tribe
12. How does intercultural interpretation work in the mental health setting? Rachel Tribe
13. Do the power relations inherent in medical systems help or hinder in cross-cultural psychiatry?  Suman Fernando, Peter Ferns and Premila Trivedi
14. Recovery and well-being: a paradigm for care Premila Trivedi, Suman Fernando and Peter Ferns
15. Social perspectives on diagnosis Suman Fernando and Peter Ferns
16. Public mental health and inequalities  Kamaldeep Bhui
17. Does psychotherapy work through an interpreter? Kamaldeep Bhui
18. Can race and racism be recognised and acknowledged in the transference in the therapeutic setting without it becoming a source of therapeutic impasse? Kamaldeep Bhui
19. Cultural competence: models, measures and movements  Kamaldeep Bhui
20. Spirituality and mental health Imran Ali
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"The book is charged with positive energy and makes for a lively read."
- Israel Journal of Psychiatry

"I would recommend it to clinical practitioners working with diverse populations to broaden their appreciation of the need to ensure services and the personal and professional interactions that are central to service delivery, respond to the specific culturally shaped diverse needs of the individual service user."

- Richard Bryant-Jefferies, Head of Equalities and Diversity, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

"Offers an exploration info intercultural competence for mental healthcare practitioners and policymakers. ...While these essays do indeed read scholarly and academic, they are concise, accessible, potentially transformative and surprisingly practical upon close study."

- Youth Today