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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers do not constitute College policy. Their distribution has been authorised by the College's officers with the aim of providing information or provoking discussion.

Many of the reports are available in downloadable PDF format. Downloads are free of charge.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to be able to read PDF files.)

Principles for full investigation of serious incidents involving patients under the care of mental health and intellectual disability provider organisations
OP104 Mar 2018 £0.00
Using formulation in general psychiatric care: good practice
OP103 Jan 2017 £0.00
Learning from the cradle to the grave: the psychotherapeutic development of doctors from beginning to end of a career in medicine and psychiatry
OP102 Jan 2017 £0.00
Employment and mental health
OP101 Apr 2017 £0.00
Improving the physical health of adults with severe mental illness: essential actions
OP100 Oct 2016 £0.00
Thinking about community treatment orders: a structured clinical approach to decision-making
OP99 Jul 2016 £0.00
Continuing Professional Development: Guidance for Psychiatrists
OP98 Mar 2015 £0.00
Sustainability in psychiatry
OP97 Mar 2015 £0.00
RCPsych Annual Review 2014
OP96 Dec 2014 £0.00
Training psychiatrists in emergency and out-of-hours care: Report of the Emergency Psychiatry Training Taskforce
OP95 Jul 2015 £0.00
Principles for responding to people’s psychosocial and mental health needs after disasters
OP94 Nov 2014 £0.00
Driving quality implementation in the context of the Francis report
OP92 Dec 2013 £0.00
RCPsych Annual Review 2013
OP91 Jan 2014 £0.00
Making up our minds: towards improving our approach to mental health
OP90 Apr 2013 £0.00
The carbon impact of health services
OP89 Sep 2013 £0.00
Whole-person Care: from rhetoric to reality (Achieving parity between mental and physical health)
OP88 Mar 2013 £0.00
RCPsych Annual Review 2012
OP87 Dec 2012 £0.00
Individual Patient Outcome Measures Recommended for Use in Older People’s Mental Health
OP86 Oct 2012 £0.00
Alcohol and Other Drugs: Core Medical Competencies
OP85 Jun 2012 £0.00
Royal College of Psychiatrists Strategic Plan 2012–2015: Excellence, Leadership, Engagement
OP84 Apr 2012 £0.00
Annual Review 2011
OP83 Dec 2011 £0.00
The Equality Act 2010 and adult mental health services: achieving non-discriminatory age-appropriate services
OP82 Dec 2011 £0.00
Prison Transfers: A survey from the Royal College of Psychiatrists
OP81 Dec 2011 £0.00
Leadership and Management Study Guide
OP80 Mar 2012 £0.00
Do the Right Thing: How to Judge a Good Ward
OP79 Jun 2011 £0.00
Outcome Measures Recommended for Use in Adult Psychiatry
OP78 Jun 2011 £0.00
Developing services to improve the quality of life of young people with neurodevelopmental disorders, emotional/neurotic disorders and emerging personality disorder
OP77 Jun 2011 £0.00
Annual Review 2010
OP76 Dec 2010 £0.00
Looking Ahead: Future Development of UK Mental Health Services
OP75 Jun 2010 £0.00
Role of the Consultant Psychiatrist: Leadership and excellence in mental health services
OP74 Jun 2010 £0.00
Annual Review 2009
OP72 Dec 2009 £0.00
Improving In-patient Mental Health Services for Black and Minority Ethnic Patients
OP71 Feb 2010 £0.00
Mental Health and the Economic Downturn: National priorities and NHS solutions
OP70 Nov 2009 £0.00
Physical Health in Mental Health
OP67 Jan 2009 £0.00
How to set up Rehabilitation and Recovery Services in Ireland
OP64 Nov 2007 £0.00
People with a Learning Disability who Offend: Forgiven but Forgotten?
OP63 Nov 2007 £0.00
A better future now: Position statement on psychiatric services for children and adolescents in Ireland
OP60 Sep 2005 £0.00
Proposed model for the delivery of a mental health service to people with intellectual disability
OP58 Jul 2004 £0.00
The evidence base for the management of imminent violence in learning disability settings
OP57 Mar 2005 £0.00
Child Defendants
OP56 Mar 2006 £0.00
Annual census of psychiatric staffing 2001
OP54 Oct 2002 £0.00
Annual census of psychiatric staffing 2000
OP53 Oct 2001 £0.00
The Management of Schizophrenia Part 1: Pharmacological Treatments
OP51 Sep 2001 £0.00
Annual Census of Psychiatric Staffing 1999
OP50 Nov 2000 £0.00
DC-LD: Diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders for use with adults with learning disabilities/mental retardation
OP48 Apr 2001 £20.00
Annual Census of Psychiatric Staffing 1998
OP46 Sep 1998 £0.00
Annual Census of Psychiatric Staffing 1996
OP38 Aug 1997 £0.00
Annual census of psychiatric staffing 1995
OP34 Sep 1995 £0.00
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