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South West Division eNewsletter - Spring 2012





In this issue - Ramy Daoud, Editor

After a prolonged hiatus, the South West Division Newsletter is back!


The NHS is facing troubled and confusing times ahead. How will we - consultants, SAS doctors, trainees—cope? Iain Tulley, Chief Executive of the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, is very well placed to shed light on the direction things are moving toward (Hint: it ends well!).


When I started attending the Executive Committee meetings, I had no idea who was doing what—and I am the editor of the newsletter. In this issue, and ones to come, there are articles from members of the executive committee that will elucidate the inner workings of the Royal College. The different members of the committee are meant to represent the wide interests of the entire body of psychiatrists in the region, and that includes you! I welcome any submissions, letters, responses, or if you just have something interesting you would like to share, you can email me at


Richard Laugharne, research lead in Cornwall, updates us on the state of play of research in the region. If anyone is interested in further information or would like to get involved, please get in touch with me. I am also delighted to include a piece by Kaelan Bhate who shares his thoughts about his career choices, as well as the image of psychiatrists—off with their beards!


There is a lot of very useful and up to date information about the activities of the division on the website. Note, especially, that you can now book online for the biannual meeting, and the list of excellent courses and training provided by the division.


The newsletter will be issued quarterly, and the next one will be in July. Of course, in the event that I am overwhelmed by submissions, a special issue may come your way in the interim.



The NHS is facing its biggest challenge in history

BMA: Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Iain Tulley

Chief Executive    

Devon Partnership NHS Trust


The NHS is facing the biggest challenge in its history: a very tough economic outlook, increasing public expectation, an aging population and exponential growth in demand, combines with the greatest and most complex reform programme since its inception and an unprecedented level of regulation and public scrutiny to provide a potent cocktail of challenges for every clinician, manager and NHS employee, over the next several years.... Read more......





The Education, Training and Standards Committee

Dr Kate Lovett


The Education, Training and Standards Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists meet quarterly in Belgrave Square. I have been representing the Southwest Division since 2010.The committee deals with several areas aligned with the strategic aims of the College...Read more....


What does the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee do?

The Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee of the Royal College is comprised of elected trainee representatives from across the UK. There are three trainees from each geographical division of the College. The current reps for the South West Division are Karl Scheeres (CT3, Bath) Vicky Osman Hicks (ST4, Dorset) and Jeremy Sandbrook (ST5, Devon). Read more....


From the Staff Grade and Associate Specialist Representative

Dr Anna Cosslett


As part of my role as the regional representative, I am working hard to ensure that the profile of SAS Doctors is raised within the College. Over the last few years we have been woefully neglected; as a result, our input to the College has dwindled to the point that  we are no longer represented  on any of theCollege’s faculties and our own SAS national committee has  more vacancies than it has members. Read more....


Research in the South West

Dr Richard Laugharne


I am a consultant adult psychiatrist in Cornwall and Research Lead for the Trust. We have built up a team of 5 researchers (mostly part time) who work on about 20 studies each year. These are national studies adopted by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). I think this new system in which grant-funded studies can be recruited nationally throughout the NHS has been a real success, and is a way NHS clinicians can engage directly with research. Last year the Trust earned £138,000 through recruiting about 250 patients, which funds the team. Read more....


Why I might become a third generation psychiatrist

Kaelan Bhate, Age 15


As a fifteen year old male there’s a lot that I think about and apart from girls, GCSE’s, myself and the weekend, few topics hold consistent place in my thoughts. But the ever daunting prospect of future career choices has persisted....Read more...



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