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NAPT Standards


 The NAPT audit standards were based on the aim that:


People referred to psychological therapies for depression and anxiety should be assessed and treated promptly by a therapist, who delivers appropriate therapies in an acceptable manner and achieves an outcome that compares favourably with those of other comparable therapists.


 The audit is designed to focus on outcomes, rather than seeking to measure or standardise care pathways. 


 The National Audit has evaluated four important dimensions of quality


  • Access – who is offered therapy and how easy is it for people to take up the offer?
    This considers factors that might affect access to services ‐ such as ethnicity, age and gender ‐ and measures how long people wait to be assessed or to start therapy.


  • Appropriateness – what kind of therapy is provided and is this consistent with best practice?
    We are looking at what types of therapies are being provided and whether they are in line with NICE guidance.


  • Acceptability ‐ is the type of therapy offered acceptable to the patient?
    We designed a satisfaction questionnaire in conjunction with people who have experienced anxiety and depression in the past, to try to get meaningful feedback for  services.


  • Outcomes – do people feel better and are they better able to cope with their anxiety and depression as a result of therapy?
    We are looking at whether the service provided 'works’ for its users and potential users. The audit looks at service users’ views on their experience of therapy and the information and choice they were provided with. It also looks at whether they have improved or 'recovered' between the start and end of treatment against commonly-used clinical measures.

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