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ECTAS Resource Library

All these resources are available for download - simply click on the link to open or save.

ECTAS maintains a comprehensive library of topics raised through the email discussion group.  This can be accessed by member clinics here. 

ECTAS Standards

For more information about the ECTAS Standards, please visit our Standards page:

ECTAS Standards - 14th Edition (published March 2018)


ECT Minimum Dataset Activity Reports

Data were collected on ECT Treatments delivered in England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland over a one year period in 2012-13, and this was repeated in 2014-15.

ECTAS Interim Report

A look at the amalgamated data from ECTAS patient questionnaires over a one year period.

ECTAS Interim Report - patient perspectives


ECTAS Accreditation Process

The ECTAS Accreditation Process Document provides an official explanation of each step of ECTAS accreditation.

For more information about the ECTAS accreditation process, please visit our accreditation page:

ECTAS National Reports

ECTAS has published data that has been collected since the project started in 2003. This data has been compiled into the ECTAS National Reports that can be downloaded using the links below:

ECTAS Fourth National Report


ECTAS Newsletters

ECTAS Newsletter 11

ECTAS Members List

A list of all ECTAS member clinics and their accreditation status can be found on the following page:


ECTAS Peer Reviewer Guidance

For more information about training to become a Peer Reviewer or Lead Reviewer, visit our Peer Reviewer page:

Maintenance ECT Protocol

An example protocol for Maintenance ECT.
Maintenance ECT Protocol

Outpatient ECT Protocol

An example protocol for clinics that perform ECT on Outpatients.
Protocol for Outpatient ECT

Outpatient ECT Discharge Form

An example discharge form for clinics that perform ECT on Outpatients.

ECT Outpatient Discharge Form

Discontinuation of ECT Protocol

An example Discontinuation of ECT Protocol.

Protocol for Discontinuation of ECT

ECT Patient Information Leaflet

An example ECT patient information sheet has been produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

The ECTAS Team has now gathered a collection of example patient information leaflets in a number of languages for ECTAS members to access.

Contact the ECTAS Team to make a request.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist: Adapted for ECT Clinics

Primary Care organisations are encouraged to pragmatically assess the relevance of the core set of safety checks within the Surgical Safety Checklist to their areas of practice. If it is established that the checklist is not relevant, then this should be reflected in local operational policies and procedures. Therefore, the ECTAS position is that the checklist is not relevant for use in ECT. However, this must be reflected in the clinic’s local policy (as above) and the clinic should ensure that any relevant core safety checks within the checklist are incorporated into the patient's pre-ECT checklist and/or other protocols/checklists.

Following requests from ECTAS member clinics that would like to use a version of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, it has been adapted by the ECTAS Reference Group.

Dental questionnaire

A dental risk questionnaire, devised by the Dental Specialist on the ECT Special Committee.


Useful Links


This site has information about the Scottish ECT accreditation network, including reports, useful links, and an ECT guide.


This site has information specifically of interest to nurses who work in ECT clinics, including information about the work of NALNECT, how to contact your local regional ECT nurse group and other useful links.



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