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About us

New AFPSIG Event: To plead or not to plead effective Participation, Developmental immaturity and practice directions assisting young defendants

Thursday 21st September, from 6-8pm – RCPsych, 21Prescot Street, London

This two-hour session will bring together legal and clinical experts to discuss the impact of the Lord Chief Justice’s Practice Directions in relation to children in court settings, and the potential challenges, in light of the expanding knowledge of brain development, the capabilities of young people and the specific deficits present in young offenders.

If you would like to attend, please email ( as there are limited spaces available. 

Further details are available here.

Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Special interest Group

Formed in November 2002, the genesis of this SIG marked an increasing interest in the mental health of children and adolescents who pose a risk to themselves or others. This group of young people have mental health needs that are relevant to a broad range of psychiatric disciplines including child & adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry of people with learning disability, neuropsychiatry, substance misuse and general adult psychiatry.

In September 2009, there were 1403 members of the Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry SIG, including 63 FRCPsych Fellows, 789 MRCPsych Members, 518 pre-membership psychiatric trainees and 24 affiliates.

Executive Committee


The AFPSIG holds its own conferences, and also meets regularly at each of the following:

  • Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meeting
  • Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Annual Meeting





Newsletters and documents

Should you require a copy of any previous newsletters not currently available on the website, please contact Francis Maunze: – the College archivist.


Executive Committee
Member  Year of joining  Position 
Dr Heidi Hales 2015 (E) Chair
Dr David Kingsley 2017 (E)
2015 (C)
Finance Officer
Consultation group
Dr Oliver White 2007 (C) Forensic faculty liaison
Higher specialist training
Secure CAMHS Clinical Advisory Group
Dr Cesar Lengua 2010 (C) Child and adolescent faculty liaison
Consultation group
Dr Richard Church

2013 (C)

EFCAP and international liaison
Website editor
Dr Suzanne Coghlan 2009 (C) Senior trainees representative
Dr Peter Misch 2002 (C) Medicolegal representative
Dr Enys Delmage 2014 (C) Consultation group
Dr Ernest Gralton 2002 (C) Forensic Developmental Disability
Dr Alexandra Lewis 2012 (C) Prison representative
Dr Laxmi Kathuria 2014 (C) Co-Scottish representative
Dr Ahmed Waleed 2015 (C) Co-Scottish representative
Newsletter editor
Dr Catherine Mangan 2015 (C) Northern Irish representative
Dr Nick Hindley 2007 (C) Community Forensic CAMHS Rep

Past Elected AFPSIG Officers


Dr Heidi Hales (2015–)

Dr Nick Hindley (2011–2015)

Dr Philip Collins (2009–2011 )

Dr Peter Misch (2005–2009)

Dr Alison Westman (2002–2005)


Finance Officer

Dr David Kingsley (2017–)

Dr Ollie White (2013–2017)

Dr Richard Church (2009–2013)

Dr Ekkehart Staufenberg (2002–2009)




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Membership is open to all members or associates of the College. Others may be invited at the discretion of the Chair. To join, please complete our online application form

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If you have any enquiries about the Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Special Interest Group, please contact Dr Nick Hindley.