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Publications Archive: Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group


Publications archive for Spirituality SIG

The archive consists of publications from two sources: papers of interest written by members of the Special Interest Group and papers published in the SPSIG newsletter, including guest contributions.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through the papers listed here, spanning the years from 2001 - 2017, all of which can be downloaded.

For your convenience, the archive is in two sections. The first is alphabetical (author-indexed). The second is themed (programme-based).

The SPSIG is intended to be a forum for discussion in which a wide range of ideas can be expressed and valued, as much for their diversity as what they have in common. The aim of this archive is to inform, encourage and, sometimes, we hope, to inspire.

Dr Andrew Powell


Please note that publications by the SPSIG represent the views of individual members of the College or other guest contributors and do not represent College policy unless specified.


Recommended BOOKS:

Spirituality and Psychiatry

Edited by Chris Cook, Andrew Powell and Andrew Sims RCPsych Publications (2009)


Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric PracticeEdited by Chris Cook, Andrew Powell and Andrew Sims RCPsych Publications (2016)

Dr Gwen Adshead


Professor David Aldridge


Dr Jo Barber


Mgr Keith Barltrop

Dr Jenny Barraclough


Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden


Revd Dr Thaddeus Birchard


Liz Bird and Revd Mike Kavangh


The Revd Beatrice Brandon


Sue Brayne and Dr. Peter Fenwick


Dr Craig Brown

Dr Penny Campling
Lord Carey of Clifton


Professor Patricia Casey


Brni Sumati Chaitanya

Dr Kishore Chandiramani


Dr Isabel Clarke


Dr Cherrie Coghlan



Dr Alasdair Coles

Professor C C H Cook


Professor Peter Conradi


Dr Nigel Copsey


Elizabeth Cosgrove


Dr Nicki Crowley


Dr Larry Culliford

Joshua David


Professor Douglas J Davies


Dr Simon Dein and Professor Roland Littlewood


Dr Simon Dein


Dr Kalpana Dein


Dr Quinton Deely


Dr Jack Dominion




Dr Sarah Eagger


Dr John Edmondson


Professor Philip van der Eijk


Dr Haraldur Erlendsson

Dr Peter Fenwick


Professor David Fontana


Cristina Gangemi


Professor Gerrit Glas


Professor Peter Gilbert


Dr Alison Gray


Dr Paramabandhu Groves




Dr Nick Hallett


Dr Tim Hardie, Dr Najat Khalifa & Professor Mohammad S I Mullick


Laura Harrison


Julia Head


Professor Paul Heelas


Patricia Higgins


Neville Hodgkinson


Dr Chris Holman


Dr David Hope


Professor Pali Hungin

Dr Chris Irons

Susan Irving


Dr David Jolley and Dr. Susan Benbow


Revd Dr Martin Israel

Dr Chetna Kang
Dr Samina Karamat

Revd Alison Kennedy


Dr Peter Kevern


Roxanne Keynejad


Dr Niko Kohls and Professor Harald Walach


Professor Michael King


Reinhard Kowalski




Revd Ros Lane


Dr Pim van Lommel


Professor David Larson


Dr Robert Lawrence


Dr Robert Lawrence and Dr. Oyepeju Raji


Professor Kate Loewenthal




Dr Chris Mace


Dr David MacDonald


Revd Chris MacKenna


Dr Jean-Marc Mantel


Patricia Marsden, Efthalia Karagianni and Dr. John Morgan


Dr Su Mason


Professor Eric Matthews


Elizabeth Wilde McCormick


Dr Iain McGilchrist


Revd Adrian McKenna


Dr Calum Miller

Dr Susan Mitchell


Bishop Richard Moth


Harriet Mowat et al.


Dr Mary Murray and Josefine Speyer




Dr Saliha Nazir




Dr Sally O'Brien

Suzanne Owen


Professor Femi Oyebode


Jayne Ozanne



Dr James Pandarakalam


Alexandra Pittock


Professor Rob Poole


Dr Andrew Powell



Dr Andrew Powell and Revd Chris MacKenna


Dr Elizabeth Procter

Dr Sunil Raheja

Dr Oyepeju Raji


Dr Patte Randal and Dr. Nick Argyle


Dr Russell Razzaque


Dr Tim Read


Dr David Reilly


Elsa Rossi


Dr Tamara Russell




Professor Mohamed Salem 


Dr Alan Sanderson


Dr Ben Sessa


Canon Andrew Shanks

Dr Avdesh Sharma


Gunjan Sharma


Dr Rupert Sheldrake


Dr Mike Shooter


Professor Andrew Sims

Sarah Sourial


Dr Maya Spencer


Canon Beaumont Stevenson


Professor John Swinton

Eaisha Tareen



Professor Emmy van Deurzen


Dr Peter Verhagen


Dr de Wet Vorster


The Right Revd. Dominic Walker


Revd Paul Walker


Dr Helena Waters

Dr Fraser Watts


Dr Michael Weir and Christine Perry


Martin Wells

Dr Marcel Westerlund
Peter Wilkin


Andrea Williams


Professor Mark Williams


Dr Roger Woolger




Dr Athar Yawar




Melinda Ziemer







Forgiveness and Reconciliation (January 2001)


Dr Jack Dominion  Forgiveness and Reconciliation


Dr Fraser Watts Forgiveness: Psychological and Religious Aspects


Dr Femi Oyebode Forgiveness and Reconciliation




Engaging the Spiritual Mind(May 2001)


Dr Kishore Chandiramani Vipassana Meditation


Dr de Wet Vorster Engaging the Spiritual Mind


Dr Chris Holman Perverse Spirituality


Dr Sunil Raheja Examining our Spiritual Spectacles




The Healing Power of Love (November 2001)


Mary Nathan MSc The Healing Power of Love : Research Findings on Patients' and Nurses' Perceptions and Views on Spiritual Care in Mental Health Practice


Mary Nathan MSc Overcoming Barriers to the Provision of Spiritual Care: the place of compassion in clinical practice


Dr Larry Culliford Psychiatry - A Labour of Love? (A Journey in Search of No-Self)


Dr Sarah Eagger Love in the Time of Old Age




Good and Evil - the Challenge for Psychiatry (February 2002)


Dr Gwen Adshead Capacities and dispositions: reflections on Good and Evil from a forensic psychiatrist


The Right Revd Dominic Walker Is Evil Necessary?


The Revd Dr John Swinton Does Evil have to exist to be real? The discourse of evil and the practice of mental health care


The Place of Spirituality in Psychiatry (May 2002)


Dr Andrew Powell Putting the Soul into Psychiatry


Rev Alison Kennedy Spirituality, music and psychiatry


Dr Robert Lawrence 'God's place' in Psychiatry - Spirituality in psychiatric education and training


Dr Nigel Copsey Spiritual and cultural care in East London


Ms Sue Irving The place of spirituality in psychoanalytical psychotherapy



Integrating Mind and Body: Psycho-spiritual Therapeutics (July 2002)


Dr Nicki Crowley Reflections on Integrating Mind and Body: a concept relevant to psychiatry? 


Dr David Reilly Psychiatry's Part in The Fragmented Art of Human Healing 


Dr Jenny Barraclough Integrated Cancer Care 


Dr Michael Weir & Christine Perry Non-ordinary States of Consciousness in Healing and Health: the work and techniques of Stanislav Grof 


Neil Hawkes & Linda Heppenstall Living Values - one primary school's way of encouraging a values-based education 




Pathways to Peace - East meets West (November 2002)


Professor Mark Williams Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and the Prevention of Relapse in Depression 


Reinhard Kowalski MindBalancing - Meditation as an Evolutionary Step 


Dr Helena Waters Dru Yoga for Transforming Emotional Pain 




Invited or Not, God is Here: spiritual aspects of the therapeutic encounter (January 2003)


Dr. Cherrie Coghlan "May your God go with you!" Spiritual Themes and Issues in a General Psychiatric Setting  


Revd Chris MacKenna The Birth, Death, Rebirth, and Transformation of God  


Professor C C H Cook The Concept of Spirituality as Understood and Applied in Addictions Research and Treatment  




Minds within Minds: the case for Spirit Release Therapy (May 2003)


Dr Haraldur Erlendsson Multiple Personality Disorder – Demons and Angels or Archetypal aspects of the inner self?  


Revd Dr Martin Israel Exorcism and Deliverance   


Dr Alan Sanderson Spirit Release Therapy: what it is and what can it achieve? A clinical presentation of therapist and patient perspectives 


Canon Beaumont Stevenson When the part takes over the whole – practical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the Ministry of Deliverance  




Spirituality in Psychiatry – Broadening our Horizons (July 2003)


Professor Andrew Sims Mysterious ways: Spirituality and British psychiatry in the 20th century  


Dr Peter Fenwick The Neuroscience of Spirituality 


Dr Robert M Lawrence The Integration Of Spirituality In Psychiatric Teaching: The Lesson To Be Learned From Our Patients




Spiritual issues in child psychiatry (October 2003)


Dr John Edmondson The Spirituality of the Child: an Overview  


Dr Kedar Dwivedi Developmental Aspects of Emotional Competence and Buddhism  


Dr Valerie Clark Teenage Bereavement: some Spiritual and Moral Issues


Margaret Kennedy Christianity and Child Sexual Abuse - Survivors informing the Care of Children following Abuse




Prayer in the service of Mental Health (January 2004)


Dr Peter Fenwick Scientific evidence for the efficacy of prayer


Patricia Higgins RMN, Rev Richard Allen, Dr Samina Karamat & Dr Robert Lawrence Candlelight Group I: a pilot project for people with dementia  


Dr Samina Karamat, Patricia Higgins, Julia Head & Dr Robert Lawrence Candlelight Group II: brief comments about congregational rituals in dementia care for a multi-faith community  


Dr Oyepeju Raji Prayer and medicine, a healthy alliance?




Beyond Death: Does Consciousness Survive?’ (April 2004)


Dr Andrew Powell Death and Soul Consciousness  


Dr Peter Fenwick Dying: a spiritual experience as shown by Near Death Experiences and Deathbed Visions


Canon Beaumont Stevenson Beyond Death: Different Spiritual Perspectives on the Outward Journey


Dr Roger Woolger Beyond Death: Transition and the Afterlife  




A Fatal Wound? Who and what does suicide destroy (October 2004)


Dr Mike Shooter Suicide - an Occupational Hazard 


Dr Cherrie Coghlan Stirring The Dormant Phoenix - Reflections on suicide and spirituality


Dr Sally O'Brien Suicide and Spirituality 




Healing from Within and Beyond: The Therapeutic Power of Altered States (May 2005)


Dr Nicola Crowley Holotropic Breathwork: Healing through a non-ordinary state of consciousness  


Professor Peter Conradi Calm-abiding meditation and the Ox-herding pictures  


Professor David Aldridge Songs at the end of life




Why Psychiatry Needs Spirituality (June 2005)


Professor John Swinton Why Psychiatry Needs Spirituality 


Professor Peter Gilbert Spirituality and Mental Health  




Special needs, special gifts - learning disability and spirituality (October 2005)


Rev Adrian McKenna In Dependent Bodies: Exploring a Christian Understanding of Disability


Cristina Gangemi Supporting people with learning disabilities through a time of bereavement and loss




Spirituality and Religion in Later Life (December 2005)


Revd Julia Head A rich tapestry: emergent themes in spirituality in the care of older adults with mental health needs


Professor David Jolley & Professor Susan Benbow Spirituality and faith in dementia


Dr Andrew Powell Spirituality and Later Life – A Personal Perspective




Psychosis, Psychedelics and the Transpersonal Journey (March 2006)


Dr Nicki Crowley Psychosis or spiritual emergence? – consideration of the transpersonal perspective within psychiatry


Dr Ben Sessa From sacred plants to psychotherapy


Dr Tim Read 'Non-ordinary states of consciousness and the transpersonal journey'




Sanity, Sex and the Sacred: Exploring Intersecting Realms (November 2006)


Revd Chris MacKenna Sexuality and spirituality – possible     conjunctions


Revd Dr Thaddeus Birchard Those twin levers that move the world – sexual and religious behaviour


Dr Cherrie Coghlan The snake and the chalice




Suffering – what is the point of it all?’ (March 2007)


Brni Sumati Chaitanya Beyond Suffering


Dr Larry Culliford Love, Healing and Happiness


Dr Andrew Powell Why Must We Suffer? A Psychiatrist Reflects




Body and Spirit (May 2007)


Professor Philip van der Eijk Body and Spirit in Greek medicine and philosophy


Professor Eric Matthews Philosophical attitudes to body and spirit


Professor Pali Hungin Sufferers with functional problems


Dr Paramabandhu Groves Body and Spirit - a Buddhist perspective




Psychotic episode or spiritual emergency? The transformative potential of psychosis in recovery (June 2007)


Ms Sarah Sourial A Personal Experience of Kundalini


Dr Nicki Crowley Psychotic Episode or Spiritual Emergency?


Dr Tim Read Transpersonal Psychiatry




Spirituality and Psychopathology (November 2007)


Professor Andrew Sims Is Faith Delusion?


Dr Peter Verhagen Sanctifying Personhood


Dr Simon Dein & Professor Roland Littlewood The Voice of God




Researching Spirituality: Paradigms and Empirical Findings (February 2008)


Dr Niko Kohls & Professor Harald WalachLack of Spiritual Practice – an important risk factor for suffering from distress


Harriet Mowat, John Swinton, Cameron Stark & Donald Mowat Religion and Suicide: exploring the role of the church in deaths by suicide in Highland, Scotland




Soul Matters: the role of spirituality in the treatment of mental illness (July 2008)


Dr Paramabandhu Groves Spiritual Help -  a Buddhist perspective


Julia Head Recovery and Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services – a working model


Dr Avdesh Sharma Meditation – the future medication




Mindfulness, Meditation and Mental Health (November 2008)


Dr Chris Mace Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: from practice to theory


Elizabeth Wilde McCormick Mindfulness within the structure of Cognitive Analytic Therapy


Dr Jean-Marc Mantel Letting go of suffering: the path of non-duality




Consciousness and the Extended Mind (April 2009)


Dr Rupert Sheldrake The Extended Mind


Dr Peter Fenwick Wider human consciousness as shown by Death and Dying


Professor David Fontana The Nature of a Possible Afterlife




Spirituality and Religion – Friends or Foes? (November 2009)


Professor Kate Loewenthal Spirituality and religion: friends or foes? Views from the orthodox Jewish Community


Professor Patricia Casey Religion and Spirituality: A Necessary Distinction?


Professor Douglas Davies Spirituality, Cultural Wisdom and Salvation




Spiritual and Religious healing: Implications for Mental Healthcare (April 2010)


Dr Su Mason Spiritual Healing: What is it, does it work and does it have a place in modern healthcare?


Dr Andrew Powell Healing and the Wounded Psyche


Dr Simon Dein Kabbalistic Healing


Dr Athar Yawar Healing in the Sufi Tradition


Canon Beaumont Stevenson Healing by Paradox in the Christian Tradition




Intolerant Secularisation (October 2010)


Professor Andrew Sims Intolerant Secularisation – an Introduction


Lord Carey of Clifton Intolerant Secularism and its Impact on Modern Britain


Andrea Williams Intolerant Secularisation


Professor Rob Poole Secularism as a Professional Boundary in Psychiatry


Eaisha Tareen Intolerance or Ignorance?




Spirituality and the Divided Brain (March 2011)


Dr Iain McGilchrist Can the divided brain tell us anything about the ultimate nature of reality?


Canon Andrew Shanks Hegel and religious faith


Dr Peter Fenwick The neuroscience of spirituality




Spirituality: its evidence and implementation in psychiatry (June 2011)


Professor Patricia Casey Spirituality and religion in psychiatry: an introduction to the research evidence


Dr Sarah Eagger Spirituality in psychiatry: implementing spiritual assessment




Spirituality in the Forensic Context: Offending, Reparation and Repair (April 2012)


Revd Ros Lane Living with and creating a spirituality of loss in a forensic context


Dr Kalpana Dein Psychopathy - evil or mental disorder?


Dr Gwen Adshead Their dark materials: narratives of redemption in forensic mental health


Revd Michael Kavanagh & Liz Bird Identity change, spirituality and desistance from crime


Professor Andrew Sims Religious delusions




Belief or Delusion (October 2012)


Dr Andrew Powell Introduction to programme 'Belief or Delusion?'


Dr Tim Hardie & Dr Najat Khalifa Jinn and psychiatry: comparison of beliefs among Muslims in Dhaka and Leicester


Professor Kate Loewenthal Spirit Possession: Jews don't do that, do they?


Dr Alan Sanderson The treatment of Delusional States


Revd Beatrice Brandon Symptoms of spiritual crisis and the therapeusis of healing


Dr David MacDonald The role of the psychiatric advisor to the ministry of deliverance




Spirituality and Clinical Psychiatry: Training and Practical Issues (March 2013)


Professor Chris Cook How Spirituality is Relevant to Mental Healthcare and Ethical Concerns


Dr Sarah Eagger Spirituality in psychiatry: Implementing spiritual assessment


Dr Simon Dein Religion and Mental Health: Current Findings


Revd Paul Walker Spiritual Care, Giving and Receiving




Furthering kindness and kinship in mental healthcare (April 2013)


Dr Penny Campling Culture, Kinship and Intelligent Kindness


Dr Andrew Powell Vocation Under Duress 


Mr Martin Wells  Kindness - a Natural Condition



Brain Disorders and Spirituality: Healing Brain and Mind and rediscovering the Transcendent (November 2013)


Dr Simon Dein Recent Advances in Neurotheology


Dr Alasdair Coles Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Dostoyevsky Seizures


Dr Peter Kevern Dementia and Spirituality


Dr Quinton Deeley Cognitive Style, Spirituality, and Religious Understanding: The Case of Autism



Above and Beyond, or Right Here, Right Now? Transcendence, Immanence and Mental Health (April 2014)


Professor Chris Cook: Transcendence, Immanence, and Mental Health

Professor Emmy van Deurzen: Transcendence and the Psychotherapeutic Quest for Happiness

Professor Paul Heelas: Neither Transcendent nor Immanent: Life Force Psychiatry

Dr Isabel Clarke: Transcendence and the Transliminal


Mindfulness: Theory and Practice (March 2015)


Dr Parambandhu Groves: Mindfulness Contextualised. The Buddhist tradition

Dr Russell Razzaque: Mindfulness in mental health; a clinician's journey

Dr Tamara Russell: Mindfulness: In Mind? In Brain?


Interfaith and Interface: The Contribution of Faith Groups to Mental Health (March 2016)


Daniel Singleton & Rodie Garland: Faith and Health in the Public Square. The Last Taboo

Dr Rob Waller: The Mental Health Access Pack: Equipping Churches

Prof Martin Aaron: JAMI, the Jewish Association for Mental Illness

Louise Vaughan & Wilma Bols: Whole Person Health

Bishop Richard Moth: Listen Carefully and Attend with the Ear of your Heart


Hallucinations and Spiritual Experience: Voices, Visions and Revelation (November 2016)


Professor Chris Cook: Hallucinations and spiritual experience: Voices, Visions and Revelation

Dr Andrew Powell: The Healing Potential of Anomalous Perceptual Experiences

Dr Alan Sanderson: The significance of hallucinations in dissociative identity disorder

Dr Peter Fenwick: Perceptions of Beyond in the Near Death Experience and at the end of life

Isabel Clarke: Schizotypy and the experience of transliminal phenomena

Professor Chris Cook: Hearing Voices in the Christian Mystical Tradition


Silent Prejudice: Stigma, Spirituality and Mental Health (April 2017)


Dr Alison Gray: Stigma and stigmata

Dr Jo Barber: Lived experience of stigma and recovery

Dr Andrew Powell: Prejudice - Can We Live Without It?

Professor Kate Loewenthal: Anti-Semitism and its mental health effects

Monseigneur Keith Barltrop: Catholic and gay - a stigma?

Jayne Ozanne: Spiritual abuse: the next great scandal for the Church




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