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The Young Mind

Co-edited by Sue Bailey and Mike Shooter

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Published: Sep 2009

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 400

ISBN: 9780593061381

The Young Mind

This is an accessible, user-friendly handbook for parents, teachers and young adults.

The Young MindSadly, millions of children today are affected by mental health problems, almost a doubling of the number of sufferers in just one generation. Now, in this timely new book, mental health experts provide invaluable information and guidance for concerned parents, teachers and young adults. With chapters covering subjects such as child and adolescent development, parenting skills, problems at school, emotional health and wellbeing, this book also looks specifically at some of the most distressing problems facing young people today, including anxiety and stress disorders, drugs, alcohol, self-harm and psychosexual development.

Published by Transworld, in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Young Mind is illustrated and written in a completely accessible style by some of the most distinguished and respected professionals in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. It offers a guiding hand and insight into this most vital area of mental health.

About the co-editors:

Prof Sue Bailey
is Professor of Child Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire, Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist at Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Snr Research Fellow at University of Manchester. She is currently the Registrar of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and her clinical and research work is in the field of young offenders who commit grave crimes. She is also the author of a number of books on young offenders’ mental health.

Dr Mike Shooter is a past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a former Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Gwent HealthCare Trust. He has worked clinically as leader of multi-disciplinary Child and Adolescent service teams in Wales for 25 years. An ex-journalist, he has worked with the media to promote the interests of the children and young people in mental distress, mental health services and psychiatry.


"This guide is a must... Being a parent is difficult and every child will go through difficult times at some point. This book will help parents understand what their child is going through and whether they may need extra support."

- Children & Young People Now


"An eminently practical guide to the emotional development of children and adolescents. An excellent first point of reference for parents and teachers." 

- Good Book Guide


Foreword by Professor Tanya Byron



Part One: Growing Up

1. Understanding Child and Adolescent Development

2. The Brain and Brain Development

3. Coping with Problems


Part Two: Parenting

4. Parenting and Families

5. Parenting Skills in Adolescence


Part Three: School

6. Choosing a School and Problems at School

7. Children with Special Educational Needs


Part Four: Emotional Health

8. Emotional Health and Well-being


Part Five: Serious Disorders: Context, Causes and Effects

9. Abuse, Neglect and Domestic Violence

10. Worries and Anxieties

11. ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

12. Culture and Society

13. Dealing with Loss

14. Drugs and Drink

15. Eating Problems, Weight Problems and Eating Disorders

16. Tics and Obsessions

17. Mood and Behaviour: Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Depression

18. Self-harm and Attempted Suicide

19. Antisocial Behaviours: Conduct Disorder and Delinquency

20. Mental Health of Young Offenders

21. Let’s Talk about Sex: Sexuality and Sexual Problems

22. Atypical Gender Development in Children and Adolescents

23. Sleep, Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

24. Trauma, Stress and Adjustment


Part Six: Treatments and Therapies

25. Treatment for Children and Adolescents in Child Mental Health

26. Transition to Adulthood

27. How to Get Help


"The Young Mind succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do. It informs members of the public about young minds and empowers them to find a way through the often perplexing times of childrhood and adolescence. ...It is a very useful handbook and many professionals too could well do with it by their bedsides."

- Mental Health Today


"An eminently practical guide to the emotional development of children and adolescents. An excellent first point of reference for parents and teachers." 

- Good Book Guide


" An essential guide to children's mental health, describing complex mental health diagnoses and offering practical suggestions for how to cope and where to go for help. ...long overdue."

- Children & Young People Now

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