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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

Titles for General and Community Psychiatry

NICE Mental Health Guidelines - Evidence-based clinical guidelines present guidance on physical, psychological and service-level interventions for healthcare staff on how to work with people with various mental health issues to significantly improve their treatment and care.

Books for the general public

Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders (2nd edn)
March 2017 £35.00
A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act (4th edn)
July 2016 £18.00
Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice
March 2016 £30.00
A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act (2nd edn)
July 2015 £18.00
Handbook of Secure Care
July 2015 £45.00
Emergency Psychiatry
April 2015 £25.00
CBT for Adults: A Practical Guide for Clinicians
October 2014 £30.00
Prevention and Management of Violence: Guidance for Mental Healthcare Professionals
July 2013 £20.00
Tackling Health Anxiety: A CBT Handbook
July 2013 £18.00
Domestic Violence and Mental Health
May 2013 £15.00
ECT Handbook (3rd edn), The
May 2013 £45.00
Elements of Culture and Mental Health: Critical Questions for Clinicians
January 2013 £15.00
Essentials of Physical Health in Psychiatry
December 2012 £35.00
Where There Is No Child Psychiatrist: A mental healthcare manual
October 2012 £10.00
Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Adults: The NICE Guideline on Management in Primary, Secondary and Community Care
June 2011 £45.00
Mental Health Outcome Measures (3rd edition)
September 2010 £30.00
Social Inclusion and Mental Health
June 2010 £30.00
Schizophrenia: The NICE Guideline on Core Interventions in the Treatment and Management of Schizophrenia in Adults in Primary and Secondary Care (Updated edition)
April 2010 £35.00
Abuse of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
November 2010 £25.00
Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient
June 2009 £10.00
Spirituality and Psychiatry
June 2009 £25.00
Primary Care Mental Health
October 2009 £35.00
The Mind: A User's Guide
June 2007 £11.99
Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry (second edition)
April 2007 £65.00
Fish's Clinical Psychopathology: Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry (third edition)
January 2007 £18.00
Being Seen and Heard: The Needs of Children of Parents with Mental Illness (DVD)
March 2006 £36.00
Clinical Governance in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services: A Practical Guide
June 2005 £35.00
Advanced Family Work for Schizophrenia: An Evidence-Based Approach
November 2005 £15.00
Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology (second edition)
September 2004 £30.00
Where There Is No Psychiatrist: A mental health care manual
February 2003 £8.00
Family Work for Schizophrenia (Second edition)
February 2002 £15.00
Analysis of Hysteria: Understanding Conversion and Dissociation, The
1995 £30.00
Prevention in Psychiatry
1994 £12.50
Job's Illness: Loss, Grief and Integration
1986 £5.00



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