Presidential elections

Dr Adrian James stepped down as President in July 2023 after three years in office. 

Below you can find out all the information you need about the 2022/23 election which will elect a new President of the College, as well as information on voting and the timetable for the election.

Election process and FAQs

1 June 2022Nominations open
5 AugustClosing date for submission of nominations
24 AugustCandidates filmed for website at Prescot Street
Early September Announcement of candidates standing for election
SeptemberArticle in RCPsych Insight profiling candidates
20 OctoberHustings
NovemberOnline Q&As
14 DecemberVoting opens
Noon 18 January 2023Voting closes
19 JanuaryResults declared

Under our canvassing code for the Presidential election, candidates will be able to communicate with members about their candidacy through:

Read the canvassing code in full

Please see our canvassing code for the rules on what canvassing is allowed.

If you have any concerns about canvassing, please contact

All Members, Fellows and Specialist Associates are able to vote in Presidential elections.

Voting will open on 14 December.

If you're eligible to vote (please check eligibility section above), you'll automatically be included in the electorate.

The email address that you have registered with us as your default will be given to the Civica Election Services who will send you an email with a link to the voting site. Please ensure that your email address is updated on the Members' Area.

This link will be unique to you and the voting page can’t be found through a search engine. Once you're taken to the site you can read the candidates’ statements and rank the candidates in order of preference.

If you're having issues with your ballot email or you're eligible to vote but haven't received the email, please contact


Candidates: Professor Kam Bhui, Dr Adrian James, Professor Pamela Taylor

Dr Adrian James elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,346

Voter turnout: 22.9%


Candidates: Dr Peter Aitken, Dr J S Bamrah, Professor Wendy Burn, Professor Rob Poole, Dr James Warner

Professor Wendy Burn elected President

Total number of votes cast: 4,595

Voter turnout: 33.1%


Candidates: Dr Laurence Mynors-Wallis, Professor Sir Simon Wessely

Professor Sir Simon Wessely elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,012

Voter turnout: 23.0%


Candidates: Professor Dame Sue Bailey, Dr Dabyasachi Bhaumik, Professor Nick Craddock, Professor George Ikkos, Professor Anthony Pelosi, Professor Chris Thompson

Professor Dame Sue Bailey elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,286

Voter turnout: 26.6%


Professor Dinesh Bhugra elected President unopposed


Candidates: Professor Sheila Hollins, Professor Cornelius Katona, Professor Femi Oyebode, Professor Richard Williams, Dr Tony Zigmond

Professor Sheila Hollins elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,370

Voter turnout: 33.89%


Candidates: Dr Jeremy Holmes, Dr Anton Obholzer, Dr Mike Shooter

Dr Mike Shooter elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,308

Voter turnout: 37.2%


Candidates: Professor John Cox, Professor Sir David Goldberg, Professor John Gunn

Professor John Cox elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3,309

Voter turnout: 38.0%


Candidates: Professor Abdol-Hamid Ghodse, Professor John Gunn, Professor Robert Kendell

Professor Robert Kendell elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2963

Voter turnout: 37.0%


Candidates: Dame Fiona Caldicott, Professor Arthur Crisp, Professor James Watson

Dame Fiona Caldicott elected President

Total number of votes cast: 3036

Voter turnout: 44.27%


Candidates: Professor Arthur Crisp and Professor Andrew Sims

Professor Andrew Sims elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2763

Voter turnout: 43.5%


Candidates: Dr Jim Birley, Dr Morgan Enoch, Professor Michael Gelder, Professor Eugene Paykel, Professor Robert Priest

Dr Jim Birley elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2593

Voter turnout: 45.0%


Candidates: Dr Thomas Bewley, Professor Robert Bluglass, Dr Philip Connell, Professor Michael Gelder

Dr Thomas Bewley elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2305


Candidates: Professor Kenneth Rawnsley, Dr Thomas Bewley, Dr John Pollitt, Dr Philip Connell

Professor Kenneth Rawnsley elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2064

Voter turnout: 43.09%


Candidates: Dr William Heaton-Ward, Professor Sir Desmond Pond, Professor Kenneth Rawnsley

Professor Sir Desmond Pond elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2067


Candidates: Professor Max Hamilton, Dr Thomas Main, Professor Sir Desmond Pond, Dr Felix Post, Professor Linford Rees, Professor Sir William Trethowan

Professor Linford Rees elected President

Total number of votes cast: 2081


Candidates: Dr John Howells, Dr Alan Monro, Professor Sir Martin Roth, Dr William Sargant

Professor Sir Martin Roth elected President

Further questions

For any questions about the Presidential election that haven't been answered here, please contact the elections team on

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