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Advice for non-members before contacting us

Coronavirus support

If you need support with your mental health during this time, please visit our new section for patients and carers, which includes information on:

–  accessing medication during the pandemic

–  going to hospital

–  staying well and monitoring your mental health at home.


What we do

  • Set standards and promote excellence in psychiatry and mental healthcare.
  • Lead, represent and support psychiatrists.
  • Work with patients, carers and their psychiatrists. We provide online and printed information on mental health issues and signpost patients to further help.

What we don't do

  • Take complaints against or discipline psychiatrists. Please visit the General Medical Council (GMC) website to make a complaint.
  • Provide a list of or recommend psychiatrists. But we do have a list of current members.
  • Offer consultations or personal advice – we do not have psychiatrists based in the College. Please see your GP in the first instance, who will be able to discuss this more with you.

List - Your most frequently asked questions

It’s really important that you let family or friends know how you feel. They can support you and keep you safe. 

These free helplines can also help when you're feeling down or desperate:

Further information 

Most private psychiatrists would still prefer a referral from your GP. 

Your GP may be able to recommend psychiatrists who practise privately. Local private hospitals may also be able to advise you about this. 

Some psychiatrists may advertise online. If they have the title 'MRCPsych' (Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists) or ‘FRCPsych’ (Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists), this means they’re current members of the College.

The College is unable to recommend or supply names of psychiatrists. In order to find a psychiatrist, you should ask your GP.

Sorry, but we can’t recommend or supply names of psychiatrists.

Solicitors can search through the lists of psychiatrists that are registered with any of the following websites:

We’re not the disciplinary body for our members and can’t deal with complaints about psychiatrists. 

You or someone you trust can write to, or speak with your psychiatrist to tell them how you feel.

If you’re unhappy with their response, you can complain to their employer, clinic or hospital using their complaints procedure.

If the complaint is to report serious misconduct, you can complain to the General Medical Council (Tel: 0161 923 6602).  

If you have concerns about a hospital, care home or health service, you should contact them first and follow their complaints procedure.

If you’re still unhappy, share your experience with the body which is responsible for the inspection of health and social care in your area:

See our faqs page for more answers.

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