Sustainability scholars

Sustainability scholars are advanced trainees in psychiatry who use their special interest day each week to work with the RCPsych Sustainability and Planetary Health Committee for a period of one year.

This is a programme aimed at developing high achieving trainees knowledge and skills in leadership and sustainable quality improvement. Scholars get a dedicated study budget for their project and training and mentoring throughout the year.

Meet our Sustainability scholars

Dr Rosa Roberts

Rosa is an ST5 general adult trainee in Bristol, currently working with the Mental Health Liaison Team. She has an interest in sustainability within psychiatry and is an active member of her Trust's Climate Emergency Group as well as a research group that has developed a Green Care project for mothers with postnatal mental health difficulties.  

As a Green Scholar, Rosa would like to forge more links between the psychiatry services in her area and Green Care providers, to undertake training in facilitating climate cafes, and to continue her research into developing nature based interventions. She hopes to learn from others in the Committee about how best to inform and educate on these topics by inspiring hope and excitement for the future.

Dr Tom Nutting

Tom is an ST4 in General Adult Psychiatry in Bristol, currently working with a Recovery Team there. He has a background in medical humanities and refugee healthcare. He has experience of various psychotherapeutic modalities and recently trained in social and therapeutic horticulture with Thrive.
He is using his time as a Green Scholar to conduct qualitative research on a women’s inpatient therapeutic garden project he is overseeing. He is also part of his trust’s new green steering group, which seeks to bring green care - nature based therapies, social prescribing, and sustainability - further into practice. 
Through his work in activism he is a member of PsychDeclares who work alongside the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other bodies to raise awareness of the relationship between mental and planetary health.   
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