GMC approved curriculum modules

All curricula, with the exception of Child and Adolescent, were remapped to Good Medical Practice in August 2016.

The order of the Intended Learning Outcomes has changed, but the content has not. For more information, please see our statement on Core Psychiatry Curriculum: August 2016 changes.

January 2018 changes to the Child & Adolescent psychiatry curriculum

The previously selective ILO19.4 has now been moved to ILO1.5, amended to include an awareness of the effect of social media on children and young people and made mandatory.

The new changes came into effect on 1 January 2018.

June 2017 changes to the Core Psychiatry curriculum

Changes have been made to several Core ILOs relating to Human Rights and the Mental Health of Asylum Seekers

May 2017 changes to Supervision roles in all curricula

The definition of those who can supervise has been amended to include non-Consultant Doctors. Please see the below-updated versions for full details.

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