Speaker/Chair Guidance for Zoom

Technology requirements   

  • Access to a reliable internet connection   
  • A PC, laptop, tablet or phone   
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser or Zoom installed on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone   
  • You may prefer to use a headphone with mic 
NB You do not need to have a Zoom account to attend.   

Some users may experience difficulty joining Zoom meetings due to security settings. If this is the case, we suggest you select the option to join via a web browser, rather than the Zoom app. If you cannot join on your computer you can still join on your phone. Please take a look at this helpful guide on how to join a Zoom meeting 

Tech Tests 

  • The Event Manager will arrange a tech test in advance of your session to ensure that you can access zoom. The aim of the tech test is to meet the other speakers/Chair in your session, run through how the session will work on the day and to answer any queries you may have.   
  • We hope all speakers/Chair in the same session will be able to attend a tech test together.  
  • Once a date and time has been agreed you will be sent joining details from Zoom via email.  
  • Please only join using your own personal link under your name so that you will appear correctly on-screen. 

WhatsApp group 

Staff will set up a private group between staff and speakers (subject to speaker permission) as a way of communicating on the day. All contact details will be removed after the events.  

The role of the Chair  

  • To keep speakers to time 
  • Direct relevant questions to speakers  

On the day 

  • Please join the event at least 20 minutes before the start of the session. This will allow us to ensure everyone is ready. 
  • You will be sent joining details from Zoom via email.  
  • Please only join using your own personal link under your name so that you will appear correctly on-screen. 
  • If you have wifi issues, please notify us via the WhatsApp group. Then join as a panelist by telephone. The phone number is in the invite, and please submit your own panelist ID under your name if you call. You will join the meeting on the phone as a panelist and when it is your turn to speak, the Chair should introduce you as joining by phone, and the Host/Co-host (CALC staff) will unmute you. Your photo slide will be shared.
  • Important - when you are about to do your talk, the host/co-host (CALC staff) will switch your camera on first and then unmute you. A box will pop up will appear so please accept the invite to share your screen/audio. 

Planning your presentation 

  • You can share a video on Zoom 
  • Slides are possible, but not necessary; in some ways it works better without slides. If you do want to use slides, please email these to the Event Manager in advance as they will need to control your slides on the day. 
  • If using slides, you will either need to prepare a script for the Event Manager, so they know when to change slides or just say ‘next slide please’ when you’re ready for the next slide. 
NB all sessions will be recorded and available to view on demand 


As with face to face events, you will need to ensure that you have obtained copyright for any images or material being used in your presentation. 

Please note that the College owns the copyright to the recording of the presentations and we are not permitted to share these with speakers to use more widely. 

Question and Answer Feature  

  • The Q&A feature allows delegates to ask questions during the webinar and for panelists, co-hosts and host to answer any questions.  
  • The Chair will refer to these questions in the Q&A session.  

Preparing for when technology fails 

  • No system is infallible and it’s important to have a Plan B in case of technical issues at the event. Please send a photo of yourself to the organisers ahead of the meeting so that they can create a holding slide for you in case your video fails. 
  • Ensure you have the dial-in number handy, in case your internet connection goes down and you are unable to join the event. If you are unsure of the dial-in number, ask the organiser before the event. 
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