Run-through training pilot

A new programme is being trialled which means that as a Child and Adolescent mental health trainee, you’ll be able to complete all of your training, from ST1 to ST6, in a single region.

Your programme will include time in paediatrics and you’ll be assigned a senior child psychiatrist as a mentor.

The trial will initially run in the North West, Yorkshire, and London regions and it’s hoped that run-through programmes will later be extended across the country.  

Pilot posts will be available via the national recruitment round, with successful applicants taking up their posts in August 2018.

For further information, visit the Health Education England North West website.

Thinking together

Thinking together is an exciting pilot scheme linking paediatric and CAMHS trainees to improve collaboration and address training gaps.

This proposal is primarily a learning experience and a tool to provide trainees with another way of achieving curriculum competencies.

The project is to be taken up widely across London and other centres in the country.

Our hope is that in the long-term, Thinking together could help improve the patient experience and may help to prevent onward referrals. Following an initial successful pilot in London, we began a process in 2017 to extend the scheme to four centres across the UK.

The scheme is designed to:

  • Improve mental health in children and young people
  • Improve collaboration and closer working between Paediatrics and CAMHS
  • Help achieve curriculum competencies that are otherwise difficult to achieve in both specialties.
  • Improve understanding of referral criteria and navigation of local services.

More information can be found in our resource pack (pdf).