About the Mindmasters quiz

This page explains why we've introduced the new Mindmasters quiz for members, and provides information about how the quiz will be run.

The quiz is the brainchild of the College's Dean, Professor Subodh Dave, who says: "I'm sure each one of you is as proud as I am of being a psychiatrist.

"It is a privilege to be part of a branch of medicine that integrates the psychological and social world with neurosciences and human biology. To be a psychiatrist is to be multi-faceted, combining knowledge of cellular biology effortlessly with an understanding of culture and history.

"RCPsych MindMasters -  our new Annual inter- Division and Devolved Nation quiz is a celebration of the unique richness of Psychiatry as an academic science and of Psychiatrists as Academic clinicians and is a reminder that learning can most certainly be fun!" 

Which teams are competing?

Each Division and Devolved Nation is entering a team, consisting of four RCPsych members - two of which are medical students, Foundation doctors or trainees.

What do I do if I want to take part?

Registration for 2022 is now closed, however please keep an eye out for registrations for next year's quiz.

What is the format for the quiz?

There will be quick fire buzzer questions, team questions and audience participation.

The 12 teams will compete in four heats of three teams - taking place at the College's International Congress in Edinburgh - with the winners of each heat playing in semi finals and eventually a final, at our office in Prescot St, London.

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