Sample quiz questions

This page provides examples of the types of question you might face in the Mindmasters quiz.

Sample Question 1

Set in New York City, this iconic movie introduced the idea of post-traumatic stress disorder to audiences in the decade after the Vietnam war. It won the Palme d'Or award at Cannes in 1976 and Oscar nominations for its Director Martin Scorsese and its lead actor Robert de Niro.   

Name the movie: 

Sample Question 2  

All answers for the following three questions start with the same three letters: 

Part A) Identified by George Valliant as a mature defence mechanism, this involves reorienting energy with a negative valence such as anxiety into more productive outputs.   


Part B) Supplied by the sub-mental artery this tissue complex plays a critical role in aiding rapid administration of medication, particularly where the gastrointestinal tract needs to be bypassed.  


Part C) A drug molecule binds itself to an active enzyme resulting in the formation of an enzyme-drug complex. By what common name is the drug molecule referred to in this context? Common examples include the catalysis of the molecule Risperidone by the cytochrome P450 enzymes.  


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