Public Mental Health Implementation Centre

The College has developed a Public Mental Health Implementation Centre (PMHIC), which will launch in early 2022.

The PMHIC will review the evidence on public mental health and support the implementation of public mental health interventions across the UK. It will also support education for psychiatrists on public mental health.

Our aims and objectives

  • To join up the gap between public mental health and psychiatry by supporting College members in developing their knowledge and understanding of public mental health. It will do this by building awareness of public mental heath issues, the provision of training, education and evidence to reduce the implementation gap.
  • To provide high quality evidence, advice and recommendations on public mental health to the government, arms-length and other policy making bodies at local and national levels. 

Who's involved in the PMHIC?

Find out about our clinical and strategic directors, team members and project advisory group members.

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