Workforce strategy

Our workforce strategy gives clear direction on recruiting and retaining the psychiatric workforce.

It provides a strong framework for the work of our committees and faculties on workforce, while supporting our President's priorities on equality, diversity and wellbeing.

Our strategy will support the College to: 

  • increase recruitment into psychiatry
  • improve retention and wellbeing in psychiatry
  • promote psychiatric leadership
  • recruit and retain Physician Associates and other roles in mental health
  • influence mental health workforce policy agendas and hold stakeholders to account on delivery. 

Why was the strategy created? 

The College started working on its workforce strategy in Autumn 2019.

Work on the strategy was guided by the ‘Workforce Oversight & Steering Group’, which was focused on coordinating work between the College's Strategic Communications and Professional Standards teams, chaired by the Dean. The Policy and Campaigns and Training and Workforce teams worked collaboratively together with colleagues in offices in each of the devolved nations, providing insight to set what could be achieved within the next three years.

Workforce Committee members and College Leads provided steering and guidance throughout the development phase of the Strategy.

“The College has always worked tirelessly to recruit and retain psychiatrists but this is the first ever College-wide Workforce Strategy publicly available. It gives clear direction to recruit and retain a psychiatric workforce delivering high-quality safe care and leading sustainable services for patients, across the UK. It encapsulates our ambition to support all psychiatrists in their careers, regardless of their background, and to promote equal opportunities."

"The COVID-19 pandemic makes this work more challenging, though even more important. I would highly encourage everyone to read and use it, as it is by working together that we will ultimately make a real difference to the workforce challenges we all face.” – Dr Adrian James


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