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Capacity reached for January 2023 CASC

The College has received an unprecedented number of applications for the January 2023 diet of the CASC (a 61% increase on January 2022).  Despite a significant increase to CASC capacity in the last two years, including the recruitment of 170 new examiners, we regret that we have not been able to meet demand, and have heard from many examiners that they are unable to examine due to workforce pressures.

The College recognises the extreme pressures our workforce is under, and this was the primary driver for the way places have been allocated for the January 2023 CASC. In consultation with College Officers and the Psychiatry Trainees’ Committee, we prioritised, first, applicants that did not receive a place at the September 2022 CASC diet, then all applicants that applied for ST4 national recruitment for August 2023 entry. The remaining places were allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The College will be running an additional CASC in May 2023 and candidates not allocated for January 2023 will have first priority for this diet. The date of the exam, and application window, will be confirmed shortly and unallocated January 2023 applicants will be notified by email.

The Assessment Strategy Review has made recommendations to the College Council and Board of Trustees on a strategy that will significantly increase CASC capacity from September 2023, subject to their approval. 

Published 14 December 2022.



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