Physician Associate Review meeting summaries

You will see below agendas and agreements from each of the Physician Associate Review Group meetings.

Agendas will be available in advance of meetings and updated with agreements following meetings.

The Agenda for the meeting included:

  • Review of Membership of the PA review group
  • Communication to Members
  • GMC Consultation Discussion

The summary of agreements from the meeting:

  • Agreement on future communications regarding the PA review – publishing agendas and meeting summaries on the PA review page of the website.
  • Agreement to produce a table of concerns or FAQ to address directly concerns raised by PTC and junior doctors.
  • Agreement to produce a communication to the Physician Associate in Mental Health network.
  • Agreement to respond to the GMC consultation Regulating anaesthesia associates and physician associates: consultation on our proposed rules, standards and guidance
  • Agreement that concerns regarding supervisor capacity would be addressed in a future meeting
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