Preparing for a blood test or vaccine

for children and young people

The resources on this page are aimed at children and young people who might be worried about having a blood test or vaccine.

They were produced by the British Psychological Society with the support of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the School and Public Health Nurses Association.


This is information, not advice. Please read our disclaimer.

Information for children aged 5-11

This plan was created for children to complete with an adult, and helps them to feel prepared and in control of getting a blood test or vaccine.

It can help children to understand what is going to happen, support they can have to feel calmer during the procedure and includes some exercises they can practice to make things easier.

Information for young people aged 12-18

This plan was created for young people to complete ahead of a blood test or vaccine.

It can help you to understand what will happen at the appointment and what things are available to make the appointment easier.

Published: Mar 2022

Review due: Mar 2025

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