FAQs about results and assessing exams


Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about results and assessing exams. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions on our other FAQs pages.


Pass marks and results

All pass marks will be calculated using the same methods as in previous examinations. The only thing that has changed is the delivery process. See Paper A and Paper B marking scheme and CASC guide for trainees.
We have maintained the format of our examinations and the methods of assessment remain the same. Please familiarise yourself with the following sections of the website: Blueprint for CASC and A fair exam.
For results please click on the link Applying for exams located on the exams webpage, then 'Dates of exams' you will see Publication of Results.


Details of what's needed are included in the Appeals procedure.
Payment will be requested electronically, we ask you not to send payment via post.
You'll receive an acknowledgement letter once your appeal has been processed. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Deputy Chief Examiner to make sure the application falls within one or more of the grounds for appeal. This is not a quick process and can take time, please contact exams after 14 days for an update.
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