In-house training and resources

In-house training 

Knowing that your training budgets may be limited, we're looking for ways to make our training courses more affordable for you and your teams.

Below is a list of courses that can be delivered at your workplace, meaning your whole team can be trained at once, limiting their time away from the office and saving you money on travel and accommodation.

The demand for in-house training is high. For availability of topics and trainers we suggest you book at least eight weeks in advance. Email to find out more or to make a booking.

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) for SAS Doctors

The CESR route can appear daunting and there are a number of myths that circulate about its difficulties and the requirements for a successful application. This training will clarify the requirements and provide candidates with thorough advice about how to demonstrate curricular competencies through paper evidence.

This training is designed specifically for psychiatry CESR applicants and brings the perspective of the Equivalence committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in CESR evaluations.

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Online Induction and Refresher courses

We acknowledge that some trusts would like to facilitate the delivery of their own MHA courses as part of their standard in-house training programmes. 

If on behalf of a trust, you would like to purchase access to our high quality, Section 12(2) or Approved Clinician Induction/Refresher eLearning content, we would be happy to discuss the format of this option  The eLearning-only option is available at a discounted bulk rate and is subject to terms and conditions which includes the organisation and delivery of the mandatory live webinar which forms part of these courses. 

More info: Email RCPsych eLearning team -

The clinical version of Present State Examination: a one day course in psychopathology and the gold standard mental state examination. 

The aim of this training is to introduce clinicians, incding core trainees to the present state examination, a semi structured interview with a glossary of psychopathology definitions. 
Learning objectives:  
  1. To have a clear view of psychopathology definitions covering core symptoms in psychiatric conditions.
  2. Getting familiar with the PSE questions for asking and exploring for psychiatric symptomatology.
  3. To help psychiatry trainees sharpen their skills for CASC stations which explore psychopathology and focus on mental state examination. 

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