National Student Psychiatry Conference

The annual National Student Psychiatry Conference is a great opportunity to meet senior psychiatrists and students from other medical schools, as well as to learn more about different areas within psychiatry.

Whether you’re committed to a career as a psychiatrist or not, the conference is both really useful and great fun.

National Student Psychiatry Conference, 5-6 February 2022

The NSPC is run by a different PsychSoc each year.

We are very pleased to announce that we have selected the host for the NSPC 2022 and the Psych Soc that will be hosting is Dundee. The event will be held online.

The theme for the conference is: "A Penny For Your Thoughts: The Link Between Deprivation and Mental Illness".

Further information is available here.

There will be a variety of speakers presenting on this topic including academic psychiatrists, clinicians and, importantly, those with lived experience. This talks will run alongside interactive workshops, opportunities for poster presentations and more! Planning for this event is still underway, and a programme will be published soon.

To sign up, please register with your university email address.

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