Job description approval process

The information included on this page will guide you to a successful approval of your job description (JD) in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Please use our JD portal button to submit all NEW (and expired) JDs for approval in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as we no longer accept these by direct email. 

See our full guidance on 'How to use the JD portal'.

Note: All JDs submissions are required to be accompanied by a fully completed JD checklist. Any documents for upload need to be in Microsoft Word DOCX format 

Once your JD is approved it will be stamped with our RCPsych approval stamp to identify that it has met our standards for approval.

About the approval process

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Summary – How to submit your JD

  1. Create your JD documents in Word doc.x format
  2. Download and complete the checklist to accompany your JD
  3. Submit your JD and completed checklist via the JD portal

For any queries please see our FAQs or email us at or phone 0208 618 4298 (8am-3.30pm).

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