Sustainability in your practice

There are many ways in which you can make your practice more sustainable.

Top ten sustainability tips
Top ten sustainability tips

Top ten sustainability tips

Our top ten tips for being a sustainable psychiatrist include some great suggestions for practice that combines environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Inspiration for other ways to help

There are also many local opportunities for sustainability projects that you could lead on with your clinical team that could also make a difference to clinical care such as:

You never know, your project could get recognised in the Commitment to Sustainability prize in the Royal College of Psychiatry’s annual awards or the annual NHS Sustainability Awards.

If you're a trainee or medical student

As a trainee or medical student, why not consider inviting local speakers, or green practitioners to local and regional teaching programmes. You can also review papers looking at health and climate change and sustainable healthcare interventions at your local journal club

Training opportunities

Finally, why not look to build on your own skills and expertise through training modules in sustainable healthcare such as:

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