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This page contains resources, including social media assets, to help people share details of our 2023 Choose Psychiatry campaign.

Now in its seventh year, our annual 2023 Choose Psychiatry campaign is aimed at encouraging medical students and foundation doctors to Choose Psychiatry as their specialty.

This year we’ll be extending this remit to encourage core trainees already working in the profession to remain, by Continuing to Choose Psychiatry too.

Here are five ways you and your networks can get involved, and support the campaign:

We have created a pack of campaign graphics that you can download and use in your social media posts across different platforms.

It helps us if you like and share our social media posts about the campaign as many times as you can. If you add your own comment, please remember to include the hashtag #ChoosePsychiatry.

why I chose psychiatry banner  why I continue to choose psychiatry banner

i'm supporting choose psychiatry banner 


Post the following tweet with one of the above images (make sure you download the full-size versions from our pack):

I'm supporting the @RCPsych campaign to encourage medical students and Foundation doctors to choose psychiatry as a career. Make a difference - #ChoosePsychiatry

If you are signed into Twitter, then just click this link to pre-populate a tweet with this text (you'll still need to add one of the images).

Other platforms

You can find us on Instagram at @thercpsych. We will also be posting about #ChoosePsychiatry on our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page as well as our YouTube channel.

We are also keen for you to share your own details of why you chose psychiatry or why you continue to choose psychiatry.

If you email us at with your name, a high-quality portrait photo of yourself and a short quote (25 words max), we will make a custom graphic that you can share on social media. This graphic will look like the following image:

If you are on Twitter, you can simply click this link to generate a pre-written tweet that will let you fill in your own details as to why you chose psychiatry.

Watch and share our amazing videos, including this year's main Choose Psychiatry video, special videos promoting each of the psychiatric specialties, and many more we will be releasing during the campaign.

Watch out for our social media posts about them and re-share.

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