Fellowship and other Honours

We have a Nominations Committee that considers nominations for national awards, Fellowship of the College, Honorary Fellowship and also endorses the President’s nominations for the award of President’s medals. The Committee meets once a year in autumn to consider these awards.

The Nominations Committee consists of: 

  • The President (chair)
  • The Registrar, Dean and Treasurer (ex-officio)
  • Two Council members who are nominated by the Council

The term of office for members of this committee is 4 years. The proceedings of this committee are highly confidential.

We award Fellowship as a mark of distinction and recognition of contributions to psychiatry. You are eligible if you have been a Member for 10 years or more and can demonstrate significant contributions to the core purposes of the College: 

  • Setting standards and promoting excellence in mental health care.
  • Leading, representing and supporting psychiatrists.
  • Working with service users, carers and their organisations.

Fellowship is open to both UK and Overseas Members, unfortunately Affiliates and Associates cannot apply.

If successful, Fellows can use the title FRCPsych once they have paid the prescribed registration fee.

Members must complete an application that details their contributions to the College’s stated aim of patient centred practice through: Professionalism, innovation and research, lifelong learning, fairness and inclusion, ethical practice and multi-disciplinary working.

  • Early each year, the call for Nominations opens and Members who have achieved 10 years of Membership as of 1 January that year are able to apply.
  • Members must complete a Good Standing Form, CV form and Citation form. You can download the forms below.
  • The Citation form must be completed by 2 Members or Fellows of the College. One of these two must be the Chair of a Faculty, Division or International Division. If you are unable to contact a Faculty, Division or International Division Chair, your nominated Chair will be contacted by the Membership Operations department on your behalf. 
  • The closing date for submissions each year is 30th June.
  • The College’s Nominations Committee consider applications in the autumn.
  • The outcome will be sent to all applicants in October/November.
  • After payment of the registration fee and top-up subscription fee, the title of FRCPsych can be used and new Fellows will be invited to a ceremony to celebrate their election.


Please complete the following forms to complete your application, you can also download some further guidance notes.

Please send all completed forms to membership.operations@rcpsych.ac.uk.

The College may elect any person as an Honorary Fellow, whether or not that person is a member of the medical profession, who:

  • is eminent in psychiatry or any connect sciences/disciplines, or
  • has given distinguished service to humanity in relation to the study, prevention or treatment of mental illness, or
  • has rendered notable service to the College or to the Association 

The College can elect up to five Honorary Fellows each year and there can be no more than 150 Honorary Fellows in total at any one time.

If you would like to nominate someone for Honorary Fellowship, please complete the below form and return to membership.operations@rcpsych.ac.uk.

The College‘s Nominations Committee which is chaired by the President meets regularly to discuss nominations for national honours. This Committee endeavours to increase the number of national honours awarded both to psychiatrists and to other individuals who have made a significant contribution to mental health.

The College will open call for entries in late January each year and will submit up to three nominations for each round.

The Cabinet Office has a very useful website describing the procedure for nominations.

There are two cycles for submitting the National Honours nominations:

  • The New Year’s Honours list – submission by early October
  • Queen’s birthday Honour list – submission by early March 

If you know someone who might be suitable, please complete the below form and return to membership.operations@rcpsych.ac.uk

Our Fellows 2018/2019 (pdf) lists registered Fellows who were elected in 2018.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about Fellowship, Honorary Fellowship or National Honours, please contact the Membership Operations team on membership.operations@rcpsych.ac.uk or 020 3701 2759 / 020 3701 2589 / 020 3701 2566

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