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We have great pleasure to inform you that tickets are now bookable for the 2022 KCMHR veterans’ mental health conference which will be held at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (21 Prescot St, London E1 8BB) on 10th March. As usual there will be a great line up of speakers and there will also be a PhD showcase as part of the day which will comprise of oral and poster presentations – abstract submission for this part of the event is now open. See the webpage for more information or to book a ticket.

The interconnected processes of climate change and biodiversity collapse undermine mental health in a variety of ways.   They disproportionately affect vulnerable groups, including persons with pre-existing mental illness, and evoke powerful feelings and thoughts, especially for children and young people.   Mental health services based on the principles of sustainable healthcare emphasize prevention, shape acute services around a triple bottom line of quality, carbon and cost, and employ nature-based solutions where appropriate. Developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatry Planetary Health and Sustainability Committee, this course brings together people from across mental health and social care to develop social, environmental and financial sustainability in mental health services, and highlights the leadership role mental health professionals can play in providing healthcare for all within planetary boundaries. Find out more information. 

Workshop: 8 April (Fri) 3-7pm

  • Self-study period opens: 18 March (Fri)
  • Work-in-progress presentations: 27 May (Fri) 5-7pm
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