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Mental Health Data Science Scotland Mini-Conference

18 Feb 2021
1pm - 4:15pm

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WCP Online Learning Program | Course 1 | TELEPSYCHIATRY

25 February 2021
8pm - 11pm

Delivered by global telepsychiatry and digital mental health experts – Dr Davor Mucic, Dr Jay Shore and Dr Don Hilty – WPA’s new “Telepsychiatry” (TP) course will provide participants the skills they need to ensure an effective experience for doctor and patient alike.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised now more than ever the need for remote psychiatric services. But while remote consultations may seem simple enough, they come with a range of issues that need to be properly addressed if they are to be truly effective. As many psychiatrists embark on providing remote services for the first time, they find themselves faced with a number of questions:

  • How should they set up their room and video equipment?
  • What are some of the ethical, cultural and communication considerations when working online?
  • Do they need to vary their approach for different settings?
  • What are some of the legal, regulatory and technological issues they need to watch out for?

This course will address these questions and many more. Don’t miss out on learning what you need to know to ensure you can deliver your patient the best possible experience.

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The ACE Centre (Glasgow Academic CAMHS), University of Glasgow / NHS GG&C 4th International conference on ‘Does genetics matter in mental health? How?’

23 April 2021
09:00am - 4:15pm

What do we inherit from our parents? What about heritable problems, like Autism or ADHD? Can our family and school environment help? What about childhood trauma and abuse? Can we recover?

Our keynote speaker, Thomas Bourgeron, is one of world’s most prominent geneticists, talented at explaining genetics to non-geneticists. Helen Minnis and Chris Gillberg will talk about their latest research at the interface of genetics and environment. Clare Allely will talk about her fascinating work on the way Autism can create challenges in the criminal justice system. After lunch, a panel of young people trained in debating will discuss the thorny topic of nature versus nurture. To finish off the day, Helen Rodwell and Katie Hunt, authors of “An Introduction to Autism for Adoptive Families”, will talk about how neurodevelopmental problems and early trauma can interact in clinical work and family life - and discuss examples of how nature and nurture interact in the real world.

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