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    Self-harm and suicidal thoughts are associated with considerable distress, disability and mortality. There are many factors underlying their development, requiring a compassionate, personalised response to care and treatment.

    Yet there are ongoing examples in the UK where the response to suicidal thoughts or behaviour is not compassion, but criminalisation. Beyond arresting a person ‘for their own protection’ while suicidal, this includes the use of bail conditions, community protection notices, antisocial behaviour orders and prosecution for alleged offences related to being suicidal.

    In this free webinar, the speakers described what is known about the benefits and harms of criminal sanctions as a response to self-harm and suicidality in the UK in the 21st Century, including an account of direct lived experience of this practice, and the clinical and ethical duties of psychiatrists when encountering such a scenario.

    Speakers include:

    • Dr Adrian James (co-chair)
    • Marsha McAdam (co-chair)
    • Alex Thomson
    • Em McAllister
    • Louis Appleby
    • Sarah Skett

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    The Clinical Impact Awards – which are overseen by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards – reward consultants or academic GPs in England and Wales who deliver national impact above the expectations of their job role or other paid work.

    This webinar will cover the application process and advice on how to write a successful application.

    Speakers include:

    • Dr Trudi Seneviratne
    • Professor Nav Ahluwalia
    • Dr Kate Lovett
    • Professor Ashok Roy

    For further information on how to submit an application for a Clinical Impact Award please visit our web page

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    We know that Psychiatry is an incredibly rewarding career however, it is not without its challenges. Despite a lifetime of work encouraging those in need to reach out, doctors are not always practiced at seeking appropriate help for themselves. 

    The impact of work and personal stressors can affect doctors’ wellbeing at any point of their career, from training  through to consultancy often leaving individuals feeling isolated, unsupported, and overwhelmed. This free event aims to outline just some of the support services available at the college including:

    • the Psychiatrist Support Service (PSS)
    • Mentoring and Coaching networks
    • and the Peer Support group for doctors affected by patient suicide.

    We hope to create a space that encourages all members at any stage of their career to reach out for support and develop reflective spaces as part of a regular practice for their own stress prevention and postvention.

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    We know that during the Pandemic, Domestic abuse has been the Shadow Pandemic. Domestic Abuse isn’t always physical. Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim.

    This controlling behaviour is designed to make a person dependent by isolating them from support, exploiting them, depriving them of independence and regulating their everyday behaviour. Coercive control creates invisible chains and a sense of fear that pervades all elements of a victim’s life and it impacts on their mental health. This is however frequently not recognised or understood and the webinar is to help us increase our understanding.


    • Setting scene/context - by Dr Beena Rajkumar
    • Responding to coercive control - by Dr Philippa Greenfield and Jessie See 
    • Introducing Professor Monckton Smith - Dr Claire Wilson
    • Stages of Coercion and Control -  by Dr Jane Monckton-Smith
    • Q+A from the audience - facilitated by Dr Violeta Perez
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    This webinar explored the themes of exclusion culture in psychiatry and rehumanising psychiatry discussed in Chloe Beale’s BJPsych Bulletin article Magical thinking and moral injury: exclusion culture in psychiatry

    Joining author Chloe Beale was Debbie Frances and RCPsych Dean Subodh Dave. Bulletin Editor-in-Chief Norman Poole chaired the session. The webinar also provided the opportunity for free-flowing discussion.  

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    This webinar was conceived as an opportunity to raise awareness, showcase good practice, advocate for career support for doctors (psychiatrists) with complex caring responsibilities; the advantage they bring to the system and why the system needs to accommodate and nurture them - at their pace. 

    Our first speaker Dr Raka Maitra set the scene with the status in the UK- the scale of the issue, the initiatives, the gaps in policies. Our second talk by Professor Christina Mangurian focused on how she got interested in research about physicians with complex caring responsibilities, and how this helps inform policy changes locally and nationally. Our final talk by Professor Wendy Burn focused on what she has learnt during her career on how to support psychiatrists with caring responsibilities. She had recently been involved with national level well-being report and could therefore bring in that focus to discuss why this is important. 

    The webinar tied in with the current 'NHS commitment to carers' and NHS Peoples plan. 

    This was followed by a Q&A.

    Speakers confirmed:


    • Professor Wendy Burn CBE, Past President, RCPsych UK
    • Professor Christina Mangurian Vice Chair for Diversity and Health Equity, UCSF Department of Psychiatry, USA
    • Dr Raka Maitra ST5 CAMHS and Complex caring responsibilities lead of WMHSIG, RCPsych

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