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Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee meets five times a year, usually in March, June, September and December and for a Strategy Day during the summer. The Executive Committee is very active and feels that it is important to keep members in touch with the Division and the role it takes in representing them. An Annual General Meeting is held in the spring to coincide with the Spring Biannual Meeting.

Papers from our Annual Business Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings are available on our Executive Committee Papers page.



The South West Division will be holding elections for officers and members in alternate years as follows:

2016 Chair
1 Elected post


Vice Chair
Financial Officer
Education and Training Committee Representative
3 Elected posts


Current Executive

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Christopher Fear 2011 (E) Chair
Dr Simon Christopherson 2014 (E) Financial Officer
Dr John Barnes 2013 (A) Rehab & Social Psychiatry Faculty
Dr Joanne Black 2012 (A) Perinatal Psychiatry
Dr Andrew Brannac 2015 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr William Bruce-Jones 2011 (A) Liaison Psychiatry Faculty
Dr Paul Divall 2014 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Catherine Dorkins 2008 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Ane Gillett 2013 (C) Newsletter Editor
Dr Leanne Hayward 2014 (A) Public Education Officer
Dr Robert Horvath 2014 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Susan Howson 2013 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Muhammad Ismail 2013 (C) College Representation at external organisations
Dr Richard Laugharne 2005 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Kate Lovett 2014 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Sean Lynch 2013 (A) Academic Psychiatry Faculty
Dr Robertson MacPherson 2013 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Jan Melichar 2008 (A) Addictions Faculty
Dr Michael Metcalfe 2014 (E) Elected Member
Dr Andrew Moore 2015 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Christopher Mortimore 2014 (A) General & Community Psychiatry Faculty
Dr Velayudhan Ram 2013 (A) Learning Disability Psychiatry Faculty
Dr Helen Rayner 2014 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Salim Razak 2014 (E) Elected Member
Dr Angela Rouncefield 2004 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Mary Rowlands 2014 (A) Eating Disorders Section
Dr Geoffrey Searle 2014 (C) College Representation at external organisations
Dr Rohit Shankar 2012 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Helen Sharrard 2012 (E) Elected Member
Dr Daniel Smith 2014 (C) College Representation at external organisations
Dr David Somerfield 2013 (C) College Representation at external organisations
Dr Victoria Thom 2015 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Guy Undrill 2014 (E) Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Amjad Uppal 2012 (E) Elected Member
Dr Ann Wolton 2011 (A) Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty

Members who wish items to be raised at the Executive should send details to the South West Division Manager at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting.

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