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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

The Psychiatric Trainees' Committee

The Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) is a national community representing psychiatric trainees within the United Kingdom. We believe passionately that through driving improvements in the quality of training and through supporting and valuing each other, we can improve the quality of care and the lives of people with mental illness.


The PTC sends a representative to almost every committee in the College and the trainee representatives do far more than observe the workings of these committees, and take an active role in influencing College policy. PTC representatives on other committees are elected annually from within the PTC membership.


The PTC is represented at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges via the Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group, and at the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee meetings. Representatives of the PTC attend meetings of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees and are involved in various working groups looking at training issues across Europe.


Attention all trainees 

Struggling to stay awake on-call? Concerned that you won’t make it home safely?

Current demands within the NHS can be both physically and mentally exhausting. We know that moderate sleep deprivation can lead to impairments in cognitive and motor performance equivalent to legally defined levels of alcohol intoxication. We also appreciate that in psychiatry, where trainees regularly drive whilst on-call during unsociable hours, this is a significant concern.


Staying safe – a trainee-led review into fatigue in psychiatry is led by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) and we need your help by completing this survey  to build the evidence to make improvements in our training and the working conditions in your local area.


We don’t want psychiatric trainees to suffer the same fate as our anaesthetic colleagues where 57% of trainees have reported having had an accident or a near-miss driving home after a night shift. We also don’t want the same concerns about the availability of breaks and rest facilities. We want to understand and improve working conditions within psychiatry and we need your help to do this.


The survey is designed to capture information that impacts on your level of fatigue and which affects your wellbeing whilst on-call. We will publish our findings in the summer and we’d be very grateful if you could complete our survey before 5pm Monday 5 March

CT Welcome Evening

We would like to welcome new trainees to our free event on 19 April at The Institute of Mental Health.


Welcome message from Dr Charlotte Blewett, PTC Chair (2017-2018)

Dr Charlotte Blewett

Thank you for taking the time to look up Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) webpages. Welcome! My name is Charlotte Blewett and I’m the PTC Chair for 2017 – 2018.


The PTC is composed of pre and post membership trainees from across the UK, and you will find a map showing who and where we are here.


Trainees are working in a complex and changing climate for the NHS. The Royal College of Psychiatry takes the opinions of it's trainees seriously. A PTC representative contributes to virtually all College committees. We have an active role influencing its work and policy, ensuring we represent trainee views on a national level.


The PTC also conducts project work with the central aim of improving training in psychiatry. In previous years the PTC has conducted and contributed to a variety of projects including:


Completing a national review into trainee morale and training: Supported and Valued

Hosting PTC Conference: Return to Practice


Over the next 12 months the PTC has developed projects focusing on recruitment and retention, engagement and sustainability and fatigue whilst on call. However if you think there is something we should be bringing to attention please let us know.


You can keep up to date with the work of the PTC by following us on Facebook and Twitter. The PTC also publishes the Registrar: the PTC magazine Please get in touch with your local representatives or contact me via


Finally, please consider standing for election and joining the PTC. Being a PTC representative gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to psychiatry training. You will also get to meet and work alongside enthusiastic and committed trainees from across the country. For more information on elections see here.


I hope to hear from you soon.




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