Inspiring psychiatrists

Psychiatrists work in a wide range of settings.

In some cases they’re making a difference in incredible and very different ways. Do these stories inspire you to choose psychiatry? Meet psychiatrists working – and researching – in unique areas.

Dr Jenny Drife

Dr Jenny Drife is a consultant psychiatrist working with rough sleepers.

At medical school she realised she liked listening to patients' stories, and worked in addictions psychiatry before working with rough sleepers. She loves working alongside people who are passionate about what they do, and enjoys being able to make an "enormous difference to people's lives".

Dr Benji Waterstones

Dr Benji Waterstones is a part time general adult psychiatrist and part time stand up comedian.

He also writes to raise awareness about mental health issues in publications including the Guardian and the Independent, and has written a book which is due to be published and serialised on television in 2023.

Dr Kathleen Levick

Dr Kathleen Levick works as a psychiatrist in Intellectual Disability.

She talks about why she chose psychiatry, and who inspired her on the way.

Professor Femi Oyebode

Professor Femi Oyebode speaks after 41 years as a psychiatry, still full of enthusiasm for the job.

"I marvel at the incredible experiences of day to day clinical encounters. It is a wonderful privilege to hear patients' stories." he says.

Dr Golam Khandaker

Dr Golam Khandaker is working on cutting edge research which could change the way we treat millions of mental health patients.

Dr Emmeline Lagunes

Dr Emmeline Lagunes is an Associate Specialty psychiatrist working in a crisis team.

She loves her job because she enjoys seeing patients get better. "You can make a difference to people's lives," she says.

Professor Cornelius Katona

Professor Cornelius Katona is the College lead for refugee and asylum mental health.

He chose psychiatry after leaving Cambridge University in the 1970s, and believes the next 5-20 years could be the most exciting for young psychiatrists, who will reap the benefit of scientific breakthroughs which are now starting to happen.

Dr Manny Bhamra

Dr Manny Bhamra is an Old Age Psychiatry trainee working in London.

"If you're the type of person who enjoys getting to know your patients, the small details of their lives, you'll make a great psychiatrist," he says.

Dr Akira Fukutomi

Dr Akira Fukutomi is a higher trainee working in Eating Disorder Psychiatry.

"I'd encourage medical students to choose psychiatry," he says. "The brain is the final frontier, the organ we don't fully understand."

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