New Members' Ceremonies

53 new members joined the College at our latest New Members’ Ceremony, which took place at the College on 17 October 2019

Our New Members' Ceremonies often draw doctors from far and wide and today was no exception: five had travelled all the way from Malaysia, four from Egypt, two from India and one from Nigeria. The ages of the new members – who have all passed our CASC exam - ranged from 29 to 53, with some having re-trained from other medical specialties.



Couple Dr Monika Gorny and Dr Jeremy Greening both collected their scrolls together. Having met whilst studying at University College London, they found they both shared a love of psychiatry and chose the same career path. Earlier this year, they welcomed their daughter, Meadow, into the world, who joined the pair in their group photo. 

Monika and Jeremy NMC October 2019

The speeches

Dr Kate Lovett, College Dean, gave her speech remotely as she was in Hong Kong. Dr Lovett drew comparisons between our new members and beloved TV icon Dr Who, highlighting that ingenuity, passion and a love of supporting others are integral to the practice of psychiatry. College President Professor Wendy Burn, Registrar Dr Adrian James and Dr Ross Runciman of the Psychiatric Trainees Committee also gave a warm welcome to those assembled.

Our next ceremony

This was the fourth and final New Members' Ceremony this year. Our next event will take place in 2023.

At our last New Members' Ceremony on October 3 2019, forty new members, some coming from as far as Australia, gathered at the College's London offices for our latest New Members' Ceremony.


Dr Palwasha Sareer, who attended the event with her husband Dr Muhammad Khan, traveled over 10,000 miles to be at the event, while others had come from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Ireland, and across the UK. The ages of the new members - who have all passed our CASC exam – ranged from 28 to 56. 

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