Apply to take Hong Kong CASC

The next overseas CASC exam is taking place in Hong Kong on 16-18 October 2019. The final date for applying is 3.30pm on Friday 28 June 2019. 

To apply you need to use the online form. If you have any technical difficulties please contact

Please note places for the 2019 Hong Kong CASC are very limited and priority will be given to those candidates in the South Asia region. Due to the limited numbers available, we will not be able to guarantee a candidates place at this Examination, until after the application period has closed.

If you're a new applicant

If you're a new applicant you need to register with the College before completing the Application Form.

If you have not previously registered with the website or if you are unsure if you are registered, please contact

What happens after you apply

The CASC is held over three days and you will be allocated a day. Confirmation of your examination date and times will be detailed in your Admissions Document, which will be sent to you via email at least 4 weeks before the day of the examination.

Click here for further details on the CASC and the Marking Scheme.


The online application form requires candidates to enter a sponsor’s name and email address. It is essential that the sponsor’s email address is correct and current. Please do not start the application process until you have this information.

Please note only one sponsor is required for the CASC. This applies to all candidates.

Sponsors will be sent an email with a link to authorise the candidate’s application. Sponsors must ensure that the candidate has provided evidence that they meet the eligibility requirements to sit the CASC examination.

Once the sponsor has authorised the application candidates will be contacted directly by the Examinations Unit regarding payment, after the application period ends.

Please note sponsors must have submitted this form by 5pm on the closing date for applications in order for the candidate to be considered for this examination. It is the candidate's responsibility to make sure this is completed on time by the sponsor.

Special requirements

Candidates who wish to make an application for special arrangements at the CASC Examination must complete the CASC Special Requirements Form.

A completed hard copy along with any supporting documentation must be posted to the College and received by 5 July 2019, otherwise special arrangements will not be granted for this sitting of the CASC.


The fee for the Hong Kong CASC for all candidates is £1462



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