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Trainees' Conference 2021



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1. Breaking internal, interpersonal and societal barriers


3. My journey in training
Dr Ranjitha David, ST6 in CAMHS

4. 7 Year Journey from India to the UK5. 7 Year Journey from India to the UK
Dr Trina Lucille D'Souza, Speciality Doctor

5. An IMG's journey in the NHS during psychiatry training
Dr Antigoni Elisseou, CT2

6. International and National training opportunities: A Psychiatry Training Journey
Dr Emma Fisher, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist

7. Lived experience in Medical Education Network: Breaking Barriers between future generations of Doctors and Mental Health Service Users
Dr Jessica Gjeloshi 
and Chloe Saunders, Rosie Wright

8. Keep Calm and Don't Just Carry On - Reflecting On Positive Change In The Workplace
Dr Grace Lydia Goss, CT1 Psychiatry
and Dr Priya Gowda, Consultant Psychiatrist

9. Space to Breath
Jennie Hanks, CT2

10. Making Lemonade from Lemons Whilst Stranded
Dr Praveen Kumar, CT1

11. Breaking Barriers: Core Training and Personal Life
Dr Adaora Obi, S. Enokela and A. Enokela

12. "Explore, Experience, Then Push Beyond." Aaron Lauriten. That's exactly what I have done over the last 10 years...
Dr Abimbola Oyedokun, ST8 Dual Trainee

13. Tailored Support
Dr Fiyinfoluwa Oyesakin, Core Psychiatry Trainee

14. How to return and return again to training
Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Higher Trainee

15. "Breaking Barriers" 2020
Dr Mahira Syed

16. Diary of a Breastfeeding Doctor
Dr Laura Thorn, CT3

17. "Trainees Matter: We are the NHS Highland"
Dr Oksana Zinchenko, CT1