Poster Presenter Guidance

You should have now received details on how to upload and create your poster on our online platform.

Uploading you poster is simple process, to get started follow the below steps

  • Locate the email containing the submission instructions
  • Copy the unique submission code - this code will be linked to the poster/s associated with your email
  • You can also find templates within the email that you can use to create your poster
  • Click the link in the email to submit your poster
  • You will then be taken to a log in page
  • Insert your email address - make sure to use the address the poster email was sent to
  • Paste the unique submission code into the relevant field
  • A list with your poster or posters, if you have more than one, will then appear
  • To submit the poster click on the upload button
  • Select display online only and then click continue
  • You will then need to fill in the corresponding information relating to the submitter and author details
  • You can then upload your PDF or PowerPoint file containing your poster
  • Once uploaded you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your poster has been submitted correctly
  • If you have more than one poster you can then go back and upload your remaining poster submissions
  • Once your posters have been submitted you can log back in and check the status of your posters

For further guidance on how to submit your poster or to create a video you can view the helpful guidance videos below

How to submit a poster with your unique submission code
How to record your presentation
How to navigate the virtual gallery