Platform Guidance

International Congress 2021 Key dates infographic
We will be using 6Connex as our Congress platform. 6Connex is the leading provider of virtual environments and will offer you an immersive and interactive experience despite not being able to meet in person.

Everything you need to access for the Congress will be available through one link. This will be sent to you prior to the Congress taking place. Once logged in you will enter a Lobby area, from here you will be able to view sessions, posters, the exhibition hall and interact with other delegates.

To access 6Connex and for the best user experience you will need the following:

  • Desktop, laptop (MAC or PC) or tablet (iOS or Android)
  • A strong internet connection
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge - 6Connex is a web based platform so you will not need to download an app
  • Pop up blockers disabled
  • Cookies allowed
  • Allow flash
  • Disconnect from any VPN

You can check your system via the following link. If any issues arise you may need to contact your IT department

On the day

  • Prior to the Congress taking place you will receive a link to join the platform
  • After clicking on the link you will be taken to a log in page
  • When you first log on you will need to reset your password. Please do so by clicking the ‘forgot password link’ You will then be sent a password reset email. Please be aware that this may go to your junk.
  • Please log in with the email address registered on your RCPsych account
  • We will be opening the platform from 10.00am (BST), Friday 18 June to give you time to familiarise yourself with the platform prior to the event. We would recommend logging in and setting up your account over the weekend before the Congress begins

Your online profile will be populated with the information on your RCPsych Account, including your name, place of work and email address. Please be aware that any information on your profile can be viewed by other delegates.

You can update your profile by performing the following steps:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner
  2. Click on “edit registration info”
  3. On the screen that appears, update any/all of your registration information
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to save your changes

We’d love it if you could add your picture too as we won’t be able to see you in person.

Don’t forget to read the Congress Privacy Notice in the joining instructions as this outlines how people will be able to see and interact with you on the platform.

Lobby v4

Lobby area - Once you have logged in you will enter a lobby area. From here, using the navigation buttons, you will be able to access the help desk, auditorium, the exhibition hall, the poster lounge, the Congress Fringe and the Congress Lounge

In the bottom navigational bar you will also see a briefcase which is the equivalent to your Congress bag. In here you can find a map of the virtual rooms, along with a programme and other key bits of information. You can also add things to your briefcase as you move around the platform, such as exhibitor information and the sessions you want to attend.

See who is attending by clicking on ‘now attending’ or ‘this location’ in the upper right corner of your screen or you can use the search function to search for attendees

You will be able to initiate a private, one to one chat or email other delegates directly through the platform. There will also be public chats around the platform which you can use to introduce yourself and message all attendees. Please remember though once you log out or leave the platform, your one to one chat history won’t be saved so make a note of anything you need to keep.


Help desk

Help Desk 

The help desk is where you can go if you have any queries. We will be available throughout the Congress programme times, so from 8am until 6pm (British Summer Time) for the full four days of the Congress. 

At the help desk we will have a dedicated technical team available to answer any queries you have or assist with any technical difficulties you run in to regarding the platform.

The Congress Team will also be available to answer any Congress related queries, help you navigate the programme or if you want to provide feedback or any comment and concerns.

From the help desk you will also be able to directly access the RCPsych Lounge and the Meeting Room, where there are a number of additional meetings taking place throughout the Congress.

RCPsych - 6 Connex - Auditorium

Auditorium - The Auditorium is where the main sessions and keynote presentations will be located. On-demand (recorded) content will be accessible from this area as well. Click directly on the content screen to display the content window

Please note that whilst you are watching a session on the platform you will not be able to visit other areas of the platform. If you would like to browse the platform or chat to other attendees whilst watching the session then please open the platform up again in another tab of your browser so you have it open twice. We also recommend having the programme on hand in another tab.

Exhibition Hall 

The exhibition hall is where you will find the 2021 International Congress Exhibitors and their virtual stands. The main screen will give you a directory of all the exhibitors we have at the Congress this year, simply click on their logo to access their booth. On each individual exhibition booth you will be able to access resources specific to that exhibitor and connect with booth representatives.

In this area you will also be able to access the RCPsych Exhibition Stand. Click on the RCPscyh Logo on the main directory to reach the booth. Here you will find key information from the College on membership, international membership, exams and training.

From the RCPsych booth you can also access the RCPsych Lounge

Poster Hall 

In the poster hall you can view all the Congress posters and watch the Rapid-Fire Poster Sessions. Click on the poster board to view all posters in that category. This year we have also published our poster abstracts in a special BJPsych Open Supplement which you can view by clicking on the BJPsych Open board.

In the poster hall you can also access the Rapid Fire Poster presentations. Click on the screen to access the relevant links to each session. You can view the timings in the pocket programme located in your briefcase.

There is also an open chat in the poster hall so be sure to use this to recommend any posters to other attendees.

Congress Fringe 

The fringe is new this year and will replace our normal social events. Again, the programme can be found in the pocket programme located in your briefcase. For more detailed information about each of the sessions click the link to take you to our dedicated Fringe webpage. 

The Fringe programme includes a number of activities designed to make you laugh, get you moving and get you thinking. All from the comfort of your home. To access the sessions click the content window to join each one.

Please be aware that not all Fringe content will be available on-demand, but as with the main sessions any that are will also be available through this content window and made available within 24 hours of the original session taking place.

You can also use the open chat to discuss your favourite sessions and introduce yourself to other delegates.

Congress Lounge

Congress Lounge 

The Congress lounge is new this year and will include more interactive sessions. These sessions will run alongside the main Congress programme and will include special Q&A’s with our keynote speakers. You can view the full programme in the pocket programme located in your briefcase.

To access the Congress Lounge sessions you will need to click on the big screen to open the content window. 

Just like the auditorium content on-demand Congress Lounge sessions will be accessible through this same area and will be available within 24 hours of the session taking place.

You can also use the chat box to introduce yourself and chat with colleagues and fellow psychiatrists from around the world.

Our interactive platform was specially designed with online networking in mind. Within the platform there are a number of ways to interact with others

  • You can view who is attending by clicking on “Now Attending” or “This Location” in the upper right corner of your screen or you can use the “Search” function to search for attendees
  • You will be able to initiate a private, one to one chat or email other delegates directly, if they have provided an email address
  • There will be a number of public chats around the platform, from these you can chat to and post messages to all attendees
  • When you enter an exhibition booth you will be able to chat with their representatives
  • If you enter an exhibition booth, the exhibitor will be able to view your basic profile information and chat with you through the platform. They will not be given your email address unless you provide this
  • Within the sessions you will be able to ask questions to the speakers through the Q&A function. Each session should allow time for questions towards the end

Please read our International Congress Privacy Notice and Code of Conduct before interacting with others on the platform.

  • All content will be available on demand until 31 December 2021. You will need to use the same log in link to access the platform where the content will be uploaded
  • If you are planning on watching the Congress on demand you will need to ensure you are registered in advance
  • On demand content will be uploaded to the platform within 24 hours of it taking place. So if a session took place on Monday 21 June at 09.00 it will be uploaded on the platform by Tuesday 22 June at 09.00
  • Speaker presentations will be made available to you with their consent
  • To view our Keynote Speaker PowerPoint presentations please view our additional resources page
  • You will have a 'Briefcase' in the platform that will act as your Congress bag, any content that you want to access later you can download to your briefcase

The programme for this year's International Congress is bigger and more exciting than ever before. We have a number of different types of session taking place this year. You will be able to access each type through the single 6Connex log in link. You do not need to log in and register for each session individually, unless otherwise stated.

Please see the breakdown below to guide you through the programme

  • Keynote: Keynote speakers will present for 30 minutes. There will not be Q&A opportunities in these sessions. These will take place in the Auditorium
  • Sessions/Masterclasses/Training Courses: These sessions will be taking place during the main Congress programme and will be 75 minutes in length. Training courses will either be full day or half day courses. These sessions will include a Q&A section. These sessions will all be available in the Auditorium
  • Congress Lounge: The Congress lounge sessions will run alongside the main Congress programme. These sessions will include special Q&A with our Keynote speakers, a new addition this year, which will give you the chance to interact with our world renown keynotes
  • Rapid Fire Poster presentations: The rapid fire poster presentations will include short presentations from the top scoring submitted abstracts. Each presenter will present for 5 minutes in total including a short time for questions. The presentations will be broken down into various sub categories. You can access the Rapid Fire Poster sessions through the Poster Hall
  • Congress Fringe: The Congress Fringe is another new addition this year and will include a number of Cultural sessions, including yoga, comedy, dance, drama, music and poetry
  • RCPsych Lounge: The RCPsych Lounge will be situated in the Exhibition Hall alongside the RCPsych Stand. The Lounge will include informative and interactive sessions updating you on key College information