Sustainability and mental healthcare delivery – how to learn from the Covid-19 crisis webinar 

Thursday 17 December 2020

We looked at what we have learnt from the positive impact on environment and negative impact on the mental healthcare workforce from Covid-19 and the rapid adaptations of healthcare services to the constraints on face to face appointments that it has imposed.

We examined the responses of patients, particularly younger patients who represent our future, about satisfaction, the eco-friendliness and sustainability of remote delivery of healthcare. We also discussed how remote delivery has helped and hindered mental wellbeing and utilisation of the workforce in difficult times.

We discussed with participants how to learn from our experiences to ‘Build Back Better’ for more flexible, patient-centred and sustainable mental healthcare delivery in the future.


  • How things have changed: the rapid adaptation of mental health services to the Covid-19 pandemic and the wins and losses Prof Alka Ahuja, Visiting Professor, University of South Wales, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, and National Clinical Lead, TEC Cymru
  • What is the sustainability of our ‘new normal’? Ecological impact of remote working on the environment, what patients, families and clinicians think of sustainability, and the impact on workforce Ms Gemma Johns, Programme Manager, Technology Enabled Healthcare Wales (TEC Cymru) 
  • Building Back Better? How can we build a new model of mental healthcare delivery which is more robust and sustainable? Dr Jacinta Tan, Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Medical Ethicist, Project Manager, CWTCH project 

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