7th annual PLAN forum 2018

Improving mental healthcare in general hospitals

8 March 2018

Plenary sessions

  1. An update from the PLAN Team Sophie Hodge, PLAN Programme Manager; Emily Patterson, Deputy Programme Manager
  2. Pediatric Liaison Psychiatry Dr Birgit Westphal, Consultant in Paediatric Liaison Psychiatry, Co-chair Paediatric Liaison Network, Royal College of Psychiatrists
  3. Liaison Psychiatry in Bloom Chris Wright, PLAN Combined Committee for Accreditation, PLAN Service User Representative
  4. The Economics of Liaison Psychiatry Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health


Impact of Introducing a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse Jodie Ley, Clinical Lead for Complex Care and Dementia; and Angie Westgarth, Psychiatric Liaison Discharge Nurse - Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Suicide Awareness and Responses Training Anna Burt, Clinical Lead; Jennifer Ness, Research Project Manager; Lesley Fitzpatrick, Operational Lead - Derby Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Cognitive Analytic Therapy in Liaison Psychiatry Dr Abrar Hussain, Consultant Psychiatrist; Dr Matthew Lowe, Consultant Psychiatrist - Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

(Not So) Legal Highs: What You Need to Know About Novel Psychoactive Substances Dr Derek Tracy, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director - Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust; Senior Lecturer, Kings College London

So You've Met Your Response Times - Now What?! Kate Chartres, Nurse Consultant & Clinical Lead for NHS England; Dr Martin Harvey, Principle Psychologist - Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Assessment of Cognitive Impairment in an Acute Hospital Rikke Albert, Nurse Consultant; Shona MacKinnon, Advanced Occupational Therapist; Kellie Gordon, Lead Psychologist - East London NHS Foundation Trust

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