Pan-American International Division

Our purpose is to share information and promote discussion about psychiatry within the division.

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Professor Kenneth R. Kaufman (USA)
  • Vice Chair: Dr Ishrat Husain (Canada)
  • Financial Officer: Dr Hany Shaltout (Canada)

Past Officers of the Pan-American division

  • Chair: Nigel Bark (2005 – 2009), Peter Buckley (2009 – 2013), Dhanapal Natarajan (2013-2017)
  • Vice Chair: Dhanapal Natarajan (2010 – 2014), Anthony Fernandez (acting Vice Chair 2014), Professor Allan Tasman (2006 - 2012)

If you would like our division to endorse your event then please fill out our endorsement form.

If you’d like to tell us anything that will be of interest to our members in the region please email us You can also follow us on Twitter for updates and news.

Our International Unit at the College offices in London provides overall administrative support to the Pan-American division, you can contact us at

Our Division includes the following countries:

Antigua and Barbuda Costa Rica Nicaragua
Aruba Cuba Panama
Argentina Dominica Paraguay
Bahamas Dominican Republic Peru
Barbados Ecuador Puerto Rico
Belize El Salvador Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bermuda Grenada Saint Lucia
Bolivia Guatemala Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Brazil Guyana Suriname
Canada Haiti Trinidad and Tobago
Libya Honduras United States of America
Cayman Islands Jamaica Uruguay
Chile Mexico Venezuela
Colombia Netherlands Antilles Virgin Islands (US)
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